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Following a simpler path from prep to crown

By Dr Carlos Eduardo Sabrosa, Brazil
February 11, 2018

Indirect restorative procedures can be time-consuming and complicated: many different processes from impression taking to cementation are carried out in the dental office, and in each of them, different strategies may lead to success. However, some of the available materials and techniques will involve a lot of effort, while others enable users to proceed quickly and simplify the complete procedure. A simplified workflow from prep to crown that really makes life easier for the dental practitioner is described below.

The described patient case shows that it is possible to significantly reduce the number of working steps in an indirect restorative procedure. In this way, potential sources of error are eliminated and chair-time is decreased. Key to success is the use of innovative, high-quality materials that offer ease of use and lead to increased efficiency in the dental office. These include the above-mentioned monophase impression material, the bulk fill composite, the temporisation material that does not require polishing and the self-adhesive resin cement all offered by a single manufacturer.

*Relyx™ U200 self-adhesive resin cement in the MEA Region

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