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Invisalign Scientific Symposium 2020

Invisalign Scientific Symposium 2020

By Align Technology Inc.
September 08, 2020

Digital Edition welcomed over 1400 international attendees at its interactive live feed broadcast

Align Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: ALGN), a pioneer in digital dentistry and invisible orthodontics, hosted the first Invisalign Scientific Symposium on May 15-16, 2020 in an all new, live digital format.  This inaugural digital edition featured 13 world-class orthodontic speakers providing attendees an opportunity to immerse themselves into enriching experiences and best practices in using Invisalign clear aligners for treatment of malocclusions of various complexities in both, adult and growing patients. Over 1,000 orthodontists and 400 university students attended from over 75 countries worldwide.

Delegates had the pleasure to follow the 2-day scientifically enriched content through cinematic smooth transitions, studio discussions rendering an experience of a television film production.

15th of May 2020 started with insightful discussions by Dr. Alessandro Greco and Dr. Dieter Brothag on deep bite treatment with Invisalign aligners, followed by Dr. Federico Migliori and Dr. Simona Dianiskova sharing their expertise in Class II malocclusion correction with aligners in growing patients. Dr. Sandra Tai continued the agenda with showcasing her practice of treating Class II malocclusion using Invisalign with mandibular advancement feature. Finally, Dr. Thomas Felkai presented his comparable study of surgery vs. Invisalign treatment in skeletal Class III patients.

16th of May 2020 featured further dialogues on the most current industry topics. Dr. Thomas Drechsler and Dr. Christina Erbe started the day with comparing the occurrence of white spot lesions during aligner therapy vs. treatment with multibracket appliances. Thereafter, Dr. Kamy Malekian presented his one-year clinical evaluation of Invisalign treatments in patients following stabilization of the periodontium, followed by Dr. David Couchat speaking about impacted teeth in growing patients. Another insightful analysis was given by Dr. Silvia Caruso, who shared her three-dimensional retrospective study on arch expansion while using aligners in paediatric subjects with posterior crossbite. Further elaboration on maxillary expansion with aligners in growing patients was presented by Dr. Tommaso Castroflorio and Dr. Francesco Garino. The line-up was concluded by Dr. Mitra Derakhshan and John Morton summarizing data and scientific evidence behind successful Invisalign treatments, followed by an introduction of some of the upcoming features.

In addition to the educational content of the symposium and announcement of Align’s exciting product innovations, all attendees were encouraged to submit their Invisalign cases for peer review and recognition with Invisalign Scientific Symposium 2020 Award. The recognition was awarded to Dr Mercedez Revenaz, Orthodontics Specialist from Italy.

Revenaz said, “The digital edition of the Invisalign Scientific Symposium, in my opinion, was a revelation in terms of the impact. The event was informative and was likely watched more carefully than any other live event. This is easy to explain, as it was followed by doctors who use the Invisalign system, are digital natives, and believe in the power of digital technology. It could only be a success! We all hope that, in the near future, if the conditions are right, international events can be at least a hybrid, with the possibility of being followed live but also via the Web.”

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