AG.Live—digitisation pays off

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AG.Live—digitisation pays off

AG.Live is the future point of contact for perfectly managing the digital infrastructure in the laboratory. (Image: Amann Girrbach)
Amann Girrbach

Amann Girrbach

Tue. 29 June 2021


KOBLACH, Austria: Amann Girrbach is all about supporting laboratories in the organisation of digital dental workflows. With the AG.Live digital platform, this project reaches a new dimension. AG.Live helps dental technicians to manage all digital activities locally and to connect with an ever-expanding global network of digital dental professionals.

Patient case management is at the core of the platform, which replaces the previous C3 customer portal. This is where the patient case is created, managed and processed digitally. Patient cases can be shared with partner laboratories for further processing and will, in the foreseeable future, also be exchanged between the dentist and the laboratory. Not only will laboratories and clinicians be networked, but also machines and materials—in order to access material availability or, in the future, to access the operating modes of milling machines and many other relevant factors of a dental fabrication process.

Virtual platform creates freedom, more efficient processes and greater customer proximity

Thus, AG.Live will enable the monitoring of all digital activities—from one place or from anywhere, and at any time. In doing so, it is Amann Girrbach’s intention to create a network of optimised existing partnerships as well as new ones. Network participants will be able to work and collaborate more efficiently and to focus on their strengths and thus better position themselves in the market.

This management portal, which is unique on the market in terms of scope, breaks down the linearity of dental restoration processes. Cross-linking into patient cases is now possible in a simple and straightforward manner by making patient data centrally accessible and editable. The linking of previously separate data sources creates synergistic effects from which AG.Live users can profit sustainably and gain a noticeable competitive advantage. In a further step, Amann Girrbach will implement access to the company’s own Amann Girrbach Academy training portal with numerous training and further education opportunities as well as an extensive archive of webinars and tutorials.

360-degree service for your digital infrastructure: free online presentation about AG.Live

Digitisation has fundamentally changed dental technology in the last ten years. The digital fabrication of dentures has become the standard in dental laboratories. In his exciting presentation recorded at the AG.Live CON at the end of April, Christian Ermer, chief marketing officer at Amann Girrbach and responsible for the company’s digital transformation, explains how the newly developed AG.Live platform from Amann Girrbach is now taking digital dental technology to a new level and enabling seamlessly integrated and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The full presentation is available free of charge in various languages here and for further information about AG.Live platform please click here.


AG.Live Amann Girrbach Digital dental workflows Platform Webinar

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