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Beverly Hills Formula is the only Irish brand providing premium quality oral care products for the oral health and beauty sector, through their range of whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes and oral care products, to help you achieve that all important “Hollywood” smile. With its roots coming from the fashionable and loved by celebrities area Beverly Hills, USA, the brand was established in 1992 in Ireland thanks to the high quality of the waters, resources and skillful personnel available there.

Back in the early 1990s, the majority of whitening toothpastes had very high levels of abrasivity that were responsible for mouth sensitivity and damage to the tooth enamel. Beverly Hills Formula saw a gap in the market and thus provided a solution to this problem. Combining leading scientific advancements and finest ingredients, they created a toothpaste which provided high stain removal and whitening effect without damaging the enamel.

The combination of the most innovative ingredients from both Europe and North America lead to the development of the chemical formula, which together with the famous high quality waters of Co. Wicklow in Ireland, resulted in the first product Total Protection Whitening toothpaste launching in 1993. The product shot to success and was soon followed by Sensitive Whitening toothpaste which alongside with making teeth whiter reduces sensitivity. These two products formed the core of what is now known as the Beverly Hills Formula Natural White range of whitening oral care products.

The Beverly Hills Formula products are a cost-effective way to achieve a whiter smile and were the first brand in the UK to introduce its Money Back Guarantee system, which is still honoured to this day.

The brand now provides a wide selection of oral care products ranging from the original toothpastes to new products, including Dentist’s Choice Gum & Whitening Expert and Natural Whitening Expert toothpastes launched in 2011.

The Perfect White range launched in 2012 with the first two products Perfect White and Perfect White Sensitive. In 2013 Perfect White was shortlisted for the prestigious MyFaceMyBody awards in the UK and received a Highly Commended Award in the Best Dental Hygiene Product category. The latest edition to the range in 2013 was the revolutionary Perfect White Black toothpaste scientifically formulated with Activated Charcoal.
Beverly Hills Formula are launching their new Professional Range in April of this year, formulated with professional teeth whitening ingredients and developed to help our customers to achieve professional results in the comfort of their home.

The Beverly Hills Formula products guarantee you results after the first application which has been rewarded by the level of loyal customers we now have all around the world. From the very start and to this day, scientific advancements, finest ingredients, and care for its customers are still the top priorities for Beverly Hills Formula, the brand which has enjoyed its success for over twenty years.



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