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Zygomatic Implant Solutions to Treat Sever Atrophy of the Maxillary

Zygomatic Implant Solutions to Treat Sever Atrophy of the Maxillary

November 10, 2019, United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Atrophic maxillary treatment is a very big challenge with graft solutions. The little bone and large sinus cavity due to resorption make graft solution difficult. Multiplication of surgery, long treatment, difficulty with temporary prothesis, cost… Wearing removable

prothesis from a very long time, these patients can’t have a normal social life anymore. Since 20 years, Branemark zygomatic solutions offer a immédiate solution without graft, with immédiate loading, and a very hight predictability. During one day only, the patient can find again fixed teeth, and can have life change!

In these course and Hands-on, we would like to raise awareness of this solution to all participant, to make the care of these patients easier. All the différents aspects of this solution will be discussed: history, step by step of surgery, Zaga classification, prothesis

and complications. All these aspects will be studied, argued by a quad zygoma surgery video of a case we treated this year. The second part of the day, all participant will practice a quad zygoma on a 3D printing model. The main objective is the knowledge of this treatment solution applied to participant clinical situation that they can treat with difficulty with classical grit technics.

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