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Increase your confidence in endo. Apply now for CAPP’s Clinical Endodontics Postgraduate Diploma

By CAPPmea/Dental Tribune MEA
July 15, 2020

The Clinical Endodontics Postgraduate Diploma from CAPP-Tipton & BARD aims to enhance the endodontic skills of newly qualified dentists and experienced practitioners. This course will develop their technical, diagnostic and treatment planning skills necessary to practice modern clinical endodontics.

Key Benefits: 

  • Lectures will serve to increase the knowledge and understanding of the scientific basis of endodontics and to enable them to use evidence-based dentistry in clinical endodontics.
  • The clinical sessions will enable participants to translate the knowledge and understanding of theoretical endodontics into clinical practice in pursuit of improving and enhancing their clinical practice under close supervision of renowned instructors.
  • This all will help you to increase your confidence and in-depth knowledge which ultimately will allow you to do more complex endodontic cases in your clinic.
  • This course will commence from Basic Endodontics to Emergency endodontics and progress to enhance your skills to treat the Endodontic Failure cases with Surgical and non-surgical techniques.
  • This allows attendees to go back to their office and immediately implement the modern techniques learned during the course and add more revenue to their practices.

The Diploma programme will start on 16th September in Dubai with faculty lead Prof. James Prichard, from the UK. Due to the new regulations on social distancing, only 10 delegates will be allowed to attend the programme. 50% of the programme is hands-on under microscopes. Delegates can now reserve their seats for only 3,000 AED (820 USD). CAPP offers 100% money back guarantee - if due to any circumstances the course is postponed, or you have a travel restriction / quarantine period, you will be refunded all your money in 2 working days.

For more: or call/WhatsApp +971528423659

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