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COLTENE in the Middle East

Dietmar Goldmann, sales manager for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. (Photo: CAPP Events & Training)
Dental Tribune Middle East

By Dental Tribune Middle East

Thu. 17 November 2022


COLTENE is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of consumables and small equipment for dental treatment. Dental Tribune Middle East and Africa spoke with Dietmar Goldmann, who is the company’s sales manager for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, about COLTENE’s renewed focus on face-to-face engagement with its customers through educational activities and its presence at events coming up in the region since travel and other pandemic-related restrictions have continued to ease.

Mr Goldmann, could you please briefly introduce yourself?

After school and commercial education in a dental company, I studied business economics and returned to the dental industry to live my passion: sales. I have now been involved in this area of business for 35 years.

You have been with COLTENE for many years now. What is the company’s standing in the MEA region currently?

Our reputation in MEA is excellent and our products are well known in the region, since we have been represented in most countries in the area by leading dealers for a long time. In a great number of MEA markets, we are the leading company in dental silicones.

How have you personally and the company experienced the past three years of the COVID-19 pandemic? Has it changed the way COLTENE works?

The first three to six months of the pandemic in 2020 were really challenging owing to a shift to mostly working at home in a virtual environment necessitated by lockdowns globally. I missed the personal contact with my customers the most. The use of software like Microsoft Teams couldn’t compensate for true physical presence in meetings. Owing to the circumstances, COLTENE also offered webinars, but we have gradually been able to return to our preferred event format of face-to-face interaction.

Why is the Middle East important for COLTENE’s growth?

The Middle East is an area that holds a lot of potential, especially owing to the high number of well-educated dental specialists who practise in the region.

What are the key product categories COLTENE is focusing on in the region?

COLTENE is giving particular attention to products in our restorative dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics and infection control portfolio.

How does COLTENE keep in contact with its customers in the Middle East? Are there any challenges regarding communication?

COLTENE tries to keep in regular contact with our customers in person. In light of the number of crises around the world in recent years, this has been a challenge. Therefore, when it is not possible to travel for face-to-face communication, we strengthen our virtual channels of communication.

Could you tell us more about the educational activities COLTENE is pursuing in the region for dental professionals?

At COLTENE, we are always looking at innovative ways in which we can help educate our customers globally. For the MEA markets specifically, we have a strong team of key opinion leaders with whom we are in regular contact and work closely regarding education of dental professionals in using our products. We are constantly looking at ways in which we can support the activities that are planned locally and to ensure that high-quality educational courses are supported by equally high-quality products.

Recently, we had a two-day hands-on course organised, in collaboration with CAPP, with our KOL’s from Europe in Dubai, such as Asst Prof Dr Phophi Kamposiora from Greece on aesthetic restorations. The next hands-on course will take place at the same location with Dr Mario Besek from Switzerland on direct restorations. All intereste d into the course can visit for more information.

What are some of the other highlights that dental professionals can look forward to in the coming months?

In just under four months’ time, it will once again be an opportunity for our valued customers to visit us at the UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition in Dubai in 2023. In addition, we are working on a new and revamped Coltene Dental Academy, which is aimed at providing greater access to high-quality educational programmes for all.

How does COLTENE see the future in dentistry? Will the company be releasing any new products soon?

COLTENE has many new products coming up that will be launched during the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne in Germany. Visitors to COLTENE’s booth at the 2023 IDS in will be delighted with our new offering.

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