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All-ceramic rehabilitation with CAD/CAM restorations made of a zirconia–reinforced lithium silicate

May 28, 2020

Patient: 55-year-old patient with an insufficiently restored dentition and a reduced vertical Dimension of occlusion.

Highly esthetic results with CEREC® Primemill

May 26, 2020

CEREC Primemill, Dentsply Sirona’s new milling machine, has taken chairside dental restorations to the next level. Thanks to its state-of-the- art technology, a wide range of restorations can now be manufactured faster, using a large variety of materials with results that are very precise and particularly easy to achieve. Josef Kunkela, DMD, PhD, an innovative and renowned dentist and founder of the Kunkela Academy in the Czech Republic, has offered chairside restorations in his practice for the past 13 years.

Reliable planning for an optimal workflow

April 21, 2019

Part of creating an optimal workflow involves the ability to reliably plan for variables that differ with each patient. 3D imaging gives the clinician the ability to view anatomical structures not seen in two-dimensional images. The following case study involving a male patient in need of a restoration shows the advantages of utilising 3D imaging and an integrated digital workflow.

A step-by-step guide to a direct diastema closure. Case report

February 11, 2019

A 28-year-old female patient had the primary complaint of spacing in the upper front tooth region. The patient’s medical history did not reveal any systemic diseases and an intraoral examination revealed presence of midline spacing between maxillary central incisors (~2mm) (Figs. 1 and 2).

SDR® Plus – The Ideal Bulk-Fill Material in High-C Factor Cavities

July 20, 2018

The configuration of post-endodontic treatment cavities is typically deep. If the surrounding tooth structure is still intact, there will be a high C-factor (cavity configuration factor) due to the large surface area for the filling material to bond to.

Large MODL Class II restoration with ceram.x® SphereTEC one, Palodent® V3 and SDR® Plus

June 10, 2018

A 43 year old female came to my practice with a history of non-attendance. She was concerned about generalised sensitivity with her heavily-restored dentition, many teeth of which featured extensive composite restorations with recurrent caries detectable both clinically and radiographically. Certain teeth with extreme structural compromise were planned for bonded porcelain restorations, however, restorations like this large MOD were planned to be restored with direct composite due to financial constraints.

Core Build-Up using Dentsply Sirona’s SDR® Plus

May 26, 2018

The SDR® technology from Dentsply Sirona provides an unmatched combination of flowable consistency, excellent cavity adaptation, unique self-leveling and minimal shrinkage stress.

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