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Core Build-Up using Dentsply Sirona’s SDR® Plus

By Dentsply Sirona
May 26, 2018

The SDR® technology from Dentsply Sirona provides an unmatched combination of flowable consistency, excellent cavity adaptation, unique self-leveling and minimal shrinkage stress.

With more than 50 million applications and superior performance in 5 and 6-year clinical studies, the SDR® Plus flowable material is the world’s most researched and clinically proven bulk-fill flowable technology.

Dentists can bulk-fill up to 4mm deep to perform faster, easier Class I and II procedures without affecting the durability and longevity of the restoration. The handling properties of SDR® technology in SDR® Plus also make it ideal for several indications including core build-up. With three additional shades (A1, A2, and A3) simplifying aesthetic matching and enhanced wear resistance with a modified glass filler package that significantly increases durability, it is no surprise that SDR® Plus is clinically proven for indirect crown restorations.

Case Study
This case below shows a posterior tooth with an endodontic treatment followed by an indirect crown restoration. SDR® Plus is used as a core build up material before the crown was seated.

This case involves the use of SDR® Plus composite as a core build-up material. The outstanding flowability of SDR® Plus composite allows complete filling of the pulp cavity, even in the smallest recesses; the composite was placed in two stages to ensure thorough polymerisation. The periphery of the tooth was then prepared, preserving a layer of enamel at the preparation margin to ensure effective bonding of an all-ceramic crown. This was bonded with the Calibra® system. This protocol thus avoids iatrogenic mechanical strains on the tooth roots during core build-up. This treatment, involving a tooth/restoration monoblock with SDR® Plus composite and crown using only adhesive techniques, provides for outstanding biomechanical and aesthetic results.

For more information or to request a demo, please contact your local Dentsply Sirona representative.

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