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Large MODL Class II restoration with ceram.x® SphereTEC one, Palodent® V3 and SDR® Plus

By Dr. Clarence Tam, New Zeland
June 10, 2018

A 43 year old female came to my practice with a history of non-attendance. She was concerned about generalised sensitivity with her heavily-restored dentition, many teeth of which featured extensive composite restorations with recurrent caries detectable both clinically and radiographically. Certain teeth with extreme structural compromise were planned for bonded porcelain restorations, however, restorations like this large MOD were planned to be restored with direct composite due to financial constraints.

Conclusion and references
Following the total etch bonding technique, Dentsply Sirona’s SDR® Plus was placed against the base of the proximal box floor as liner in very thin layers and cured, in an effort to ensure hybridisation and marginal integrity in this sensitive area before building the marginal ridge.

The body composite chosen, Dentsply Sirona’s ceram.x® SphereTEC™ one, features SphereTEC™ technology using spray granulation to produce spheres with a mean size of 15 µm out of primary submicron filler glass. These spheres minimise frictional forces when under stress. On the other side, the irregularly shaped primary particles ensure high slump resistance, thus leading to excellent sculptability. The Cloud Shading Concept adopted by Dentsply Sirona’s ceram.x® SphereTEC™ one allows a single shade to umbrella a cluster of shades, by its distinct chameleon effect, permitting a minimalised armamentarium.

The Palodent® V3 matrix permitted efficient reconstruction and placement of initial layers in the extended proximal box situation, obviating the need to free-hand sculpt line angles prior to placement of the sectional matrix assembly.

All in all, the Class II Solution™ offered by Dentsply Sirona is elegant, efficient and precise; three features I strive to achieve in every restoration.

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