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Create Beautiful Restorations with Akro‑Flex™

By Hu-Friedy - Middle East
January 26, 2020

Akro‑Flex™ is an extremely flexible composite instrument which allows clinicians to effortlessly manipulate composite materials during aesthetic restorations. The inclusion of Nickel-Titanium (NiTi), a ductile material, allows Akro-Flex™ to perform as a solid brush, rebounding back to its original shape after use.

“In looking to enhance our product offering for aesthetic dentistry, we identified the need for a resilient composite instrument which would allow clinicians to use brush-like strokes as they create superfine details during biomimetic restorative dentistry,” said Jennifer Nemeth, Senior Product Manager at Hu-Friedy. “By introducing NiTi into the design, we were able to create an extraordinarily flexible, wafer-thin composite instrument unlike anything we currently offer. We are beyond excited for clinicians to experience the flex of Akro-Flex™!”.

Ultra thin working ends reach narrow interproximal spaces with ease. The flexible, versatile working ends allow for better visibility as compared to traditional composite instruments.

By incorporating Nickel Titanium, a material known for its super elasticity, Akro-Flex acts as a solid brush. The resilient working ends are excellent when creating fine anatomical detail with delicate, artistic strokes.

The smooth, lightweight handle offers increased control due to the large diameter. It creates an ergonomically friendly option that provides maximum comfort and helps reduce hand fatigue*. Reducing hand fatigue can increase the longevity of a clinician’s career.

*Data on file and available upon request.


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