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The Hu-Friedy 3SSENTIAL KIT by* is the most straightforward kit of restorative ever made, with just 3 essential instruments at once: Anterior, Posterior and Spatula, from the Hu-Friedy Black Line Collection.

The three instruments are synergic and interchangeable and the word “Essential” refers to the easiness of all restorative procedures focused on the essential steps to create high aesthetic composite restorations while using this kit.

The revolutionary concept of “Plug&Sculpt” of the Posterior is very simple: one tip is used to plug the composite into the cavity and the other one can sculpt composite in additive and subtractive modelling techniques. The Anterior, instead, is called by the doctors “solid brush” since it models and spreads the composite very easily, just like a brush.


  • Essential method: having only three instruments makes restorative procedures straightforward
  • Plug&Sculpt concept: The Posterior can plug and sculpt the composite by using its two different tips
  • Solid brush: The Anterior models and spreads the composite easily, just like a brush
  • Different colours: each colour helps to easily identify the instrument: RED for Anterior, BLUE for Posterior and GREY for Spatula
  • Black Line Collection instruments: smooth surface reduces stickiness to composite material and the black colour has more contrast to the dental hard and soft tissues.
  • Ergonomics and visibility improved: allow dental clinicians to perform at their best

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