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NeoGen Non-resorbable Membranes

The NeoGen® Non-resorbable membranes are PTFE membranes for bone regenerative treatments.

NeoGen Resorbable Membranes

The NeoGen® Resorbable Collagen Dental Membranes are advanced resorbable membranes for bone defects, localized ridge augmentations, and guided bone regeneration in dehiscence defects.

Tacks and Screws

Membrane Tacks and Membrane Screws are used for easy and secure attachment of regenerative membranes to the bone during guided bone regeneration procedures. Tacks and Screws are both available from Neoss, providing a solution whether fastening membranes by tapping or screwing is preferred.

Guided Surgery

Neoss’ approach to the vast number of different planning software and surgical guide manufacturers available today is to use an open platform approach meaning Neoss® aims to have the complete Neoss offering incorporated in all important planning software, often utilizing existing investments a practice has made.

Prosthetic Design

Neoss® has developed data libraries for use with 3Shape, Exocad and Dental Wings software to enable you to create your digital prosthetic design for Neoss.

Individual Prosthetics

Neoss® offers a simple and reliable solution of implant-supported bars, bridges and abutments, which, in addition to the proven Neoss Implant System, are compatible with implants of other manufacturers.

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