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Oral-B Professional Care Oxyjet + 3000 Irrigator Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush powered by BRAUN

Product Description

The Oral-B OxyJet irrigator uses micro bubble technology to attack bacteria that causes plaque. It mixes air and water in the form of micro bubbles and significantly reduces gum problems when used in conjunction with a specialized toothpaste.


Features and Attributes

Oxyjet Irrigator
Micro-bubble Cleaning: pressurized air and water form micro bubbles to attack fight bacteria when brushing with a preventive toothpaste.


The specially designed air filter cleans the air which water is enriched on its way to the nozzle.


Jet Switch
Jet Switch allows easy selection at the touch point of fingertip, between rotating and straight streams.


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2 year warranty

Made in Germany

Model OC20.535.3X

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