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Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush powered by BRAUN

Product Description

With 7,600 oscillations per minute the Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean offers superior cleaning and plaque removal. Its brush head adapts to each individual tooth to clean away plaque and gently remove stains.


Features and Attributes

For optimal brushing results, the Vitality Precision Clean removes up to a 100% more plaque than other toothbrushes by rotating 7600 times per minute, oscillating in and out to thoroughly surround teeth, breaking up plaque and moving it away.


Professional timer

A professional timer that ensures you are brushing for the full dentist recommended 2 mins to get the best results. A short stuttering sound at 30-second intervals, which you can hear and feel, reminds you to brush the four quadrants of your mouth equally for a thorough consistent clean. A long stuttering sound indicates when the recommended brushing time has been reached.

Brush heads

The Oral-B Precision Clean brush head surrounds each tooth to give you a complete clean for cleaner teeth and healthier gums vs. a regular manual brush.



A rechargeable handle with a battery that lasts up to 7 days between charges (when brushing 2 minutes twice per day).


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2 year warranty


Made in Germany


Model D12.513

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