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Dr Ramy El Zoghby, Regional Sales Director – Dealers EMEA at Ormco

Interview: “We will continue to commit to our clients…”

By Dental Tribune MEA/CAPPmea
February 09, 2019

Dental Tribune MEA had a pleasure to speak with Dr Ramy El Zoghby, Regional Sales Director – Dealers EMEA at Ormco.

Dr. Ramy, congratulations on yet another successful year. The highlight of the year must have been the 3rd ORMCO Forum Dubai. How do you reflect on this unique event for the regions Orthodontists?
I have to say that 2018 has been an exceptional year for Ormco in the region and the 3rd Ormco Forum in Dubai was the great highlight of this success through the whole EMEA region. Another new and exceptional record of participation with more than 350 Orthodontists & 8 International speakers coming from more than 15 countries all over the world, sharing their knowledge and clinical experiences using the most advanced techniques in Orthodontics and definitely our unique products.

How important is it for ORMCO to have such annual events and be close to your regional partners and clients?
Ormco partners are a crucial part of our success in the region. We do our maximum efforts to ensure the best customer service experiences to all our clients especially in terms of continuous products availability and on time delivery.

Moreover, keeping our clients’ satisfaction at the highest level possible is one of our major goals within the whole Ormco organization.

What was the base for the choice of your scientific speakers and content for the event?
We tried to diversify the scientific content, and the speaker’s backgrounds taking the participants through an exciting journey during the three days. The delegates could discuss their concerns and find out all the new updates in conventional esthetic systems, self-ligating techniques and digital orthodontic which is our future blighting trend in Ormco.

The past year have been very dynamic, not only for ORMCO but also the dental industry. How do you manage to continue delivering top quality products, services and education to your client base, distributors and partners in the Middle East?
I agree with you that 2018 was one of the most challenging and dynamic years for the whole industry in the region, however, we successfully completed the year smoothly by continuing to focus on the best products we sell in Ormco globally. In terms of education, more than 25 international scientific courses were conducted successfully, keeping our clients updated with the latest techniques and products. It also makes our partner’s job easier to deliver Ormco’ s message to the largest number of clients in the shortest possible timeline.

In the year of IDS Cologne 2019, what can we expect from ORMCO and your Middle East partners?
We will continue to commit to our clients the best orthodontic customer service experience in the industry whilst continuing to focus more and more on educating orthodontics.

What are your plans for the region in the coming year?
This year, we have an ambitious plan to increase our educational courses by more than 20% in comparison to last year, strongly participating in the big regional orthodontic conferences (i.e.: Saudi Orthodontic Society meeting – SOS in Jeddah/ KSA. Moreover, we will be having our 2nd Ormco Forum in Saudi Arabia in November 2019 with more and more exciting speakers and topics.

After the success of the 2nd MENA Symposium in 2015 Ormco has recently launched their 3rd edition of the Dubai Forum , that took place in Palazzo Versace Hotel between the 6th-8th of December 2018.

This is considered the biggest Ormco scientific event EMEA region with more than 300 participants and 8 international speakers from around the globe. Not only International speakers but also international delegates from 15 different countries including Middle East, E, and East Europe, Russia and Africa all gathered to attend the big event as well as the launch of the 2 new products Damon Q2 and Symetri Clear and Insignia new technologies in the world of digital Orthodontics.

Looking forward for more success in the next edition of the Ormco Forum

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