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PD presents IrriFlex its innovative needle design for advanced root canal irrigation

By Produits Dentaires SA
September 21, 2020

A new generation of irrigation needle designed and manufactured by Swiss endodontic company PD (Produits Dentaires SA) enables more effective cleaning and disinfection root canal therapy owing to its unique flexibility and exceptional irrigation capabilities.

The IrriFlex needle solves a common problem for dentists: how to irrigate completely and efficiently complex root canal systems. Combining a soft polypropylene body with a unique lateral solution delivery, PD has designed a 30G needle that can easily adapt to the canal anatomy, irrigate effortlessly and clean areas once impossible to reach.

The result is enhanced cleaning and irrigation for a more efficient, comfortable treatment compared with conventional metal needles.

PD’s patented needle design encompasses 2-side vents back to back at the tip for powerful lateral irrigation and a tapered shape to match root canal preparation unlike metal needles. The 4% tapered design maximizes the shear stress along the root canal walls to improve mechanical cleaning efficacy.

The IrriFlex needle safely performs powerful and complete irrigation of the root canal to improve removal of residues such as debris, smear layer and biofilm in areas impossible to reach with conventional metal needles.

The needles are produced in a clean room certified ISO 7 and delivered in individual sealed pouches designed for single-patient use, thus maximizing safety.

With this new needle, PD supports general dentists and specialists to perform the root canal irrigation more efficiently, comfortably and safely.

PD (Produits Dentaires SA), Switzerland

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