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GUM® Ortho Toothbrush

If you wear braces, then you’ll know that brushing with a regular toothbrush doesn’t always leave your mouth feeling as fresh and clean as you’d like.

GUM® Travel Toothbrush

Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, a toothbrush will definitely be on your packing list – but you might not have much space in your hand luggage.

3-6 GUM® KIDS Toothbrush

Make toothbrushing time fun for your little one with our playful range of monster toothbrushes.

7-9 GUM® JUNIOR Toothbrush

Get rid of the bad monsters in your mouth!

GUM® Light-up Toothbrush

Is it sometimes a struggle to get your child to take toothbrushing seriously?

10+ GUM® Teens Toothbrush

Specially designed for children aged 10 and over to take good care of their teeth and gums, this sleek toothbrush comes in a range of bright and trendy colors.

GUM® Technique+® Toothbrush

Our GUM® Technique+ Toothbrush is a multi-level brush for everyday cleaning

GUM Classic Toothbrush

Introducing our classic GUM® toothbrush.

GUM Micro Tip® Toothbrush

There’s more to this toothbrush than meets the eye.

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