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Zhermack – Hydrocolor 5

Hydrocolor 5 high-performance chromatic alginate with 5 days of dimensional stability.

The 5 days of dimensional stability simplify dentists’ daily practice, by allowing them longer to send the impression to the dental technician. Impression accuracy is guaranteed for up to 120 hours.


  • Chromatic
  • 5 days of dimensional stability
  • Manual or automatic mixing


  • The chromatic variation provides practitioners with a visual guide during the various processing phases: fucsia during mixing, purple during the working phase and light blue during positioning in the patient’s mouth
  • High dimensional stability: helps maintain impression accuracy for up to 5 days after impression taking
  • High elasticity: allows the material to optimally return to its original form
  • High tear resistance: reduces the risk of the impression tearing when it is removed from the patient’s mouth

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Courtesy of Zhermack SpA

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