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Sinus Floor Elevation: Management of Complications

Sinus floor elevation (SFE) is a well-accepted surgical procedure for the treatment of the atrophic posterior maxillary alveolar bone. The original technique, lateral window SFE, was introduced almost 4 decades ago and it has evolved through years resulting in modified methods such as transcrestal SFE. Although SFE using both lateral window and transcrestal approaches is a predictable surgical procedure with low complication rates and high survival rates, complications and failures are anticipated like as with all kind surgical procedures. This webinar will address common and uncommon intraoperative and postoperative complications associated with SFE and will discuss their management along with preventative measures and treatment strategies.

Learning objectives:
  • Describe common and uncommon complications associated with sinus floor elevation
  • Discuss management options of these complications
  • Summarize the strategies for avoiding these complications

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