Interview: “The mission of the Straumann Group is to serve dental professionals worldwide”

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Interview: “The mission of the Straumann Group is to serve dental professionals worldwide”

The BLX implant system is being showcased as one of the product highlights at Straumann’s AEEDC 2021 booth. (Image: Straumann Group)
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Tue. 29 June 2021


At the Straumann Group, Charbel Saad is the area sales manager for the central and eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa region. In an interview in light of AEEDC 2021, he gave insight into the current state of the Middle Eastern market, how it is affected by the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and what is to come after it. Also, he discussed Straumann’s exhibition highlights at this year’s event.

Mr Saad, how has the pandemic influenced the market, and what has been done so far for its recovery?
The first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the dental market hard. However, since dentistry is by default one of the best professions in infection control–even pre-COVID-19–it was easier for the dentists to resume their work in many markets. The market is recovering slowly but, since the dental market is only one part of the economy, we need to wait until the end of the pandemic to assess the damage caused on branches which were hit hard by the pandemic and are still suffering, and to see how the whole impact will affect the dental market.

How important is the Middle Eastern market for the Straumann Group?
The Middle Eastern market has always had, and still has, a strategic importance for the Straumann Group, which has invested in many projects in the Middle East in the medium and long term. Our last project was the inauguration of the Straumann Group subsidiary in Amman in Jordan, and I am sure others will follow in the future.

Charbel Saad. (Image: Straumann Group)

What brands from the Straumann Group family are going to be launched soon in Middle East?
In addition to the continuous launch of new products from the existing brands, two major brands are planned to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022, after local product registration is accomplished. The first brand is a new implant system called NUVO—a new brand of attractively priced implants made in Brazil. This initiative broadens our path into the lower value segment and enables us to offer high-quality solutions for patients who have not been able to afford implant treatment. The second brand is ClearCorrect, which was founded back in 2006 by a dentist from the US who had over 400 patients who needed to finish their clear aligner treatment, but no one to make the aligners for them. So, Dr Willis Pumphrey went the extra mile for his patients: he founded his own company to make aligners for them. Today, ClearCorrect has served tens of thousands of dentists all over the world and has delivered literally millions of aligners to their patients.

What is their potential in the market, and why do you think they have this potential?
As you know the Straumann Group is the leading company in the implant dentistry. We know the market needs and we believe that NUVO is a necessity product for the dental market. With this brand, together with the other existing brands, the Straumann Group will be able to serve all market segments. All patients will benefit and have access to the reliability, long-term success and, most of all, peace of mind provided by the different Straumann Group dental implants brands. The mission of the Straumann Group is to serve dental professionals worldwide. That has been proved in the last decades, and the situation will continue in the future. It was the market requirements and the need of professionals that made the Straumann Group take the decision to enter into the orthodontic business by acquiring 100% of the ClearCorrect company. We see in the orthodontic business the same need for the services, reliability and long-term success that we are offering with our multiple dental implant brands. The past and present success of the Straumann Group show that we will be able to fulfil all the market’s expectations in this area.

By acquiring ClearCorrect to enter the orthodontic market, the Straumann Group has added to its extensive product portfolio. (Image: Straumann Group)

Looking ahead to the post-COVID-19 period, what is planned in the Middle Eastern region?
The dedication of the Straumann Group to training and education continued during the COVID-19 period. Where possible, we are already conducting courses under local safety requirements. In addition, the Straumann Group has organised and still offers a large number of webinars, and if we add the number of webinars and courses conducted through our scientific partner, the International Team for Implantology, this shows how decisive and important training and education are for the Straumann Group. We have used the COVID-19 crisis to update our training and education hardware in the Middle East, and once the ban on gatherings is lifted in each particular market, we can start immediately with our educational programmes, training sessions and launch events. For example, we plan on launch activities around our newest implant—Straumann TLX—sometime around autumn. TLX is a new tissue-level implant which has been perfected for immediacy and is an excellent solution for all other indications to suit the dentist’s preferred treatment protocol—ranging from immediate to conventional placement and loading. The Straumann TLX Implant System perfectly complements our bone-level BLX implant system. Both systems use one common drill set and TorcFit connection for maximum compatibility with minimum investment.


What is Straumann BLX

A highlight of AEEDC will be the full market release of Straumann BLX, a recently introduced fully tapered implant system designed for immediate treatment protocols that complements the company’s premium portfolio and is positioned to win significant share in this segment.

The Straumann BLX implant system is a next-generation solution for confidence beyond immediacy. It builds on the success of the company’s apically tapered Straumann BLT implant line, which continues to grow strongly and still offers significant potential. The new BLX addresses the fully tapered implant segment, which is the fastest-growing segment and now accounts for one in every four implants placed.

Straumann BLX has been designed for immediacy, and it also offers an excellent solution for all other indications to suit the dentist’s preferred treatment protocol, ranging from immediate to conventional placement and loading. The intelligent implant concept allows for dynamic bone management and is designed for immediate protocols in all bone types.

Having already received very positive results and feedback, Straumann BLX combines an innovative design for optimised stability with the high-performance Roxolid metal alloy and the SLActive surface. This creates an implant system that offers new levels of confidence—for immediacy and beyond.

The Straumann Group is showcasing its products at this year’s AEEDC 2021 in Dubai at Booth 7B10.

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