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Align Technology launches Invisalign Go treatment system in Kuwait, advancing comprehensive digital dentistry

Align Technology, Inc. - Middle East

Dr. Meshari Al Fouzan, Specialist Orthodontist, Crown Dental Center, Kuwait; Dr. Mubarak Al Saeed, Medical Director, Aline Dental; Mr. Peter Duffy, Area Sales Manager, GP Channel, Align Technology, Middle East; Dr. Nicolò D'Ovidio, Prosthodontist, Crown Dental Centre, Kuwait (Photos: Align Technology)

Kuwait: Align Technology, a leading global medical device company that designs, manufactures, and sells the Invisalign system of clear aligners, iTero intraoral scanners, and exocad CAD/CAM software for digital orthodontics and restorative dentistry, has announced the launch of the Invisalign Go system in Kuwait; a simplified clear aligner treatment specifically designed to treat aesthetic, mild and moderate misalignment cases enabling predictable clinical outcomes.

The introduction of Invisalign Go aims to equip Invisalign providers in Kuwait with a versatile clear aligner system for delivering minimally invasive and time-sensitive treatment, enhancing both aesthetics and function.

During the launch event, the company welcomed a number of high-level attendees who have administered treatment with the Invisalign Go system first-hand, to share their experience. Speakers at the event included Dr. Mubarak Al Saeed - DDS, MFDS, MSc, MOrth Chairman, Dr. Meshari Al Fouzan - Specialist Orthodontist at Crown Dental Center, Dr. Nicolò D'Ovidio - Prosthodontist at Crown Dental Centre Kuwait, and Dr. Fraaz Mirza - Restorative and Aesthetic Dentist.

Angelo Maura, General Manager, Middle East at Align Technology, said: “We are thrilled to announce the introduction of the Invisalign Go system in Kuwait, marking a significant leap forward in the field of digital dentistry for the region. This innovative clear aligner therapy is not just a milestone in patient care but a catalyst for enhancing orthodontic referrals and diagnosing malocclusions more effectively. By empowering dental practitioners with this advanced tool, we're opening new avenues for patient referrals to orthodontic specialists, thereby fostering a more collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to oral health care.”

Dr. Fraaz Mirza, Restorative and Aesthetic Dentist, The Branding Room Polyclinic, Dubai

The treatment option within the Invisalign Go system consists of a maximum of 20 clear aligners and is an appropriate clear aligner therapy option to treat mild-to-moderate malocclusion cases, expand arch width, align anterior teeth prior to restorative treatment, and move teeth from second pre-molar to second pre-molar.

The introduction of the Invisalign Go portfolio is particularly important in the realm of pre-restorative treatment. The need for proper alignment before undertaking restorative dental procedures is increasingly recognised as a critical step to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of treatments such as crowns, bridges, and implants. By aligning teeth into optimal position, the Invisalign Go system aids in creating a more stable and harmonious environment in the mouth, which can facilitate restorative procedures and improve their outcomes.

Building upon the previous success of the Invisalign system clear aligner treatment, the launch reflects the company’s commitment to offering holistic treatment options, progressing advancements in digital dentistry, and empowering dental professionals to prioritise pre-restorative solutions when treating their patients.


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