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Aligning smiles and transforming lives – Reflecting on World Orthodontic Health Day with Align Technology

Align Technology, Inc. - Middle East

For World Orthodontic Health Day (May 15th), Align Technology reached out to doctors to provide us with insights on orthodontic treatments for growing patients in the Middle East. (Image: Orthodontic Society of Ireland)

World Orthodontic Health Day serves as an annual reminder of the importance of orthodontic care globally in enhancing the well-being of patients. It is also an opportunity to celebrate and highlight the expertise of orthodontists and spotlight some of the innovations that continue to shape the dental industry.

As we reflect on this day of celebration, we share the sentiments of two orthodontists in the region who have experienced firsthand the profound impact that orthodontic care can have on families, and their own experiences of the benefits that personalized care can have, particularly when treating younger patients.

Dr Gilda and Dr Roelien. (Photo: Align Technology)

Dr. Gilda Behnam, DDS, MSc, MOrth RCSEd, shares her thoughts, “It’s important to emphasize the significance of optimal timing in orthodontic treatments for children to ensure maximum benefits. As parents of teenagers, we aim for the best possible outcomes, leveraging cutting-edge technology regardless of our location, while minimizing disruption to our child’s daily life. Invisalign Teen is designed with these priorities in mind. Many parents are concerned about effectiveness, and Invisalign Teen addresses this by specifically tailoring its design to meet the needs of teenagers. The system minimizes discomfort and eliminates the worry of broken brackets and wires. Moreover, it allows teenagers to maintain their usual brushing and eating habits. As a clear alternative to traditional braces, it transforms smiles without compromising confidence”.

Dr. Roelien Stapelberg, Consultant Orthodontist, BChD, MSc, MOrthRCSEd, emphasizes the importance of employing the most suitable treatment plan for younger children, saying, “In today’s world, we owe it to our children to provide every possibility for success. By starting any required treatment early and utilizing bespoke customized treatments such as Invisalign First,  we allow them the opportunity to focus on the hard part of growing up while improving their day-to-day lives and dental health. As children grow, their smile grows with them, and by addressing issues such as crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches, we can address developing problems while providing a more comfortable, positive experience. Invisalign First has made this a possibility for many children and families.”

As we celebrate World Orthodontic Health Day, let us recognize the dedication and expertise of orthodontic professionals worldwide, transforming one smile at a time. We hope this day inspires people to prioritize their dental health and embrace the confidence that comes with a well-aligned smile.

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