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Improving Oral Health Globally

In 1976, Dr. Dan Fischer saw the need for a product that achieved more rapid, profound hemostasis, so he invented the groundbreaking Astringedent™ hemostatic solution. The success of Astringedent hemostatic led to more advanced, innovative dental solutions and Ultradent Products, Inc., was created.

Now, over 40 years later, we are a global dental supply and manufacturing company with multiple industry-leading products. Ultradent’s products are used worldwide by dentists, group practices, government agencies, and universities. Our passion to improve oral health has made Ultradent the incredible company it is today.


Worldwide Dental Provider

We have expanded quite a bit since we first established our manufacturing operation in South Jordan, Utah, in 1979. We currently have subsidiaries in 9 countries and sell products in over 125 countries.


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