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Improving Oral Health Globally

Our mission here at Ultradent is to Improve Oral Health Globally through science, creativity, and education. We strive to provide clinicians with progressive and trustworthy solutions while always respecting the patient and promoting their well-being.
Our Core Values of Integrity, Care, Quality, Innovation, and Hard Work influence every decision we make and every product we create. It is these Core Values and our focus on continuous improvement that has helped us grow into the global dental supply and manufacturing company we are today.

Our Company Culture

We pride ourselves on our culture of inclusion and belonging at Ultradent. We know that diversity is a strength, and we value the individuality of all our employees. We work to foster a supportive, collaborative culture where new ideas are encouraged, and originality is celebrated.

Dental Products You Can Trust

Ultradent values innovation and quality above all else when it comes to our dental brands. We know you need products you can trust when treating your patients.

Did you know your favorite products are Ultradent Products?

You may know us as the creators of the VALO curing light. Maybe you sell our Opalescence teeth whitening products in your office.

Ultradent currently researches, designs, manufactures, and distributes more than 500 materials, devices, and instruments used by dentists around the world. This includes its renowned, industry-leading Opalescence™ Tooth Whitening System, and the groundbreaking Opalescence™ Go™ professional take-home whitening system. Ultradent’s product family also includes the award-winning VALO™ LED curing light, UltraSeal XT™ hydro pit and fissure sealant, and Ultra-Etch™ etchant.

Ultradent Global Reach

Ultradent has locations and subsidiaries all over the world and sells products in over 130 countries!

Our Values Drive Everything We Do
Our culture at Ultradent centers on teamwork, respect, and collaboration. But the largest, perhaps most important, part of our culture is our core values: Innovation, Integrity, Quality, Hard Work, and Care. Our core values are at the heart of every decision we make. From the products we provide clinicians to the corporate events we host for our employees, these five core values drive everything we do.

Quality Products Designed for You
In 1976, our founder Dr. Dan Fischer realized there were no hemostatics on the market that provided rapid, profound hemostasis. So, he made one. Our first product, Astringedent™ hemostatic, was created to fill a specific need that would help both clinicians and patients. Almost 50 years later we still work every day to provide clinicians with quality products to help improve their patients’ oral health.

Celebrating the Value of Hard Work
We have believed in working persistently towards our goals since Ultradent first began. Back then, our first employees worked alongside Dr. Fischer to help create the products Ultradent would be known for. The work was time-and labor-intensive, but the quality of the product was worth it. The same is true today. From R&D, to marketing, to manufacturing, we do everything at Ultradent in-house, because we know that the hard work we put in every day is worth it.

Truly Caring for Others
As health care professionals, we believe that care is one of the most important values to have. It is our care for our customers, their patients, and our employees that keep us doing what we do every day. Everything we do comes back to our vision, which is all about care for our fellow humans: Improve Oral Health Globally. It’s the idea that our company is built on.

Changing the World, One Innovation at a Time
The VALO curing light family began in 2009 when Ultradent R&D engineers knew they could create a light with the power clinicians wanted, the durability they needed, and the accessibility no other light had at the time. Over the years, we have continued to improve on the VALO light and today, the VALO X light is the most innovative light on the market.

Integrity in All We Do
We believe that Honesty + Courage = Integrity. One should be honest in all things, but perhaps more importantly, one also needs the courage to stand up and do what is right. At Ultradent, we strive for integrity in all that we do: our products, business dealings, and advertisements. In fact, we won the Golden Hands of Xcellence for Ethics and Truth in Advertising two years in a row.

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