Titanium Implant Scalers

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Titanium Implant Scalers


Hu-Friedy implant maintenance solution

Proper monitoring and maintenance are essential to ensure the durability and health of a dental implant. To do so, professionals must be able to precisely and safely debride biofilm and calculus from the supra-and sub-gingival surfaces of dental implants. Hu-Friedy developed its line of Titanium Implant Scalers exactly with this in mind.

They are gentler on implants and abutments, because they are constructed of the same titanium alloy, they improve visual acuity and have enhanced contrast, thanks to the signature teal-colored anodized titanium working and they have an increased lifespan, because they can be re-sharpened.

Available in 5 variants, they allow professionals to address all kind of clinical situation, from narrow pockets to mandibular posterior implants, both in surgical and non-surgical treatment.

Recently, a case study by dr. Olivier Carcuac showed how these instruments can be used in implant maintenance, non-surgical treatment of peri-implant mucositis and surgical treatment of peri-implantitis. Read the full case in September 2019 issue of Dental Tribune MEA.