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mectron multipiezo – a benchmark in the field of ultrasound scalers

By Mectron S.P.A.
July 24, 2019

Being exceptionally user-friendly, the multipiezo by mectron is not only a flexible ultrasonic device for dental prophylaxis interventions - but the optimal assistant for every dentist or dental hygienist. Besides classical supragingival scaling it can be used for subgingival debridement as well as for implant cleaning.

Thanks to its innovative design and its self-explaining ergonomics the multipiezo sets new standards in daily use management and hygiene. Its ergonomic touch panel lets the user control all functions fast and intuitive - without having to study the instruction manual at all. Due to its smooth touch surface, it can be cleaned and disinfected much easier than other devices.

The intelligent mectron piezoelectric ultrasound technology makes treatments even more comfortable for the dentist as well as the patient: during the therapy, it balances external factors, adjusts power level automatically and provides the special soft mode. This innovative function avoids excessive ultrasound oscillation, allowing a gentle and efficient insert movement. Results: nearly painless treatment for patients and maximum comfort for clinicians. While the pulse mode function allows the best performances in prosthetics and extractions. All these make the mectron multipiezo an innovative and unique combination of intelligent technology and functional design. 

The integration of a 3600 adjustable LED handpiece makes working with the multipiezo even easier: the source of light can be directed right to the spot of activity. The 500 ml liquid holder is illuminated and can get exchanged quickly and easily for the maximum flexibility in irrigation choice. 

With over 45 inserts available, mectron is offering one of the largest ranges of ultrasound prophylaxis tips in dentistry. The unique technology, the perfect ergonomics and the maximum flexibility are the reasons why mectron defines with the multipiezo the new benchmark for ultrasound prophylaxis units.

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