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Osstem Implant– Korea's No. 1 on the dental implant market

Osstem Implant is a leading company in the field of dental implant worldwide and sets international standards in the modern implant dentistry.

In the last few years, many research and development experts joined Osstem to consolidate our competitive advantage on an international level due to their cooperation with prestigious university clinics and investments in new and existing products. Due to the latest equipment, the worldwide highest productivity rate, innovative production technologies and profound quality checks, OSSTEM produces superb products that are being sold in over 60 countries all over the globe. OSSTEM manifested itself internationally by opening subsidiaries in countries such as Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, Taiwan and the USA. These subsidiaries and our distribution partners help us to increase our business as well as to improve our service for our customers and their patients.

Osstem offers the highest quality for every individual treatment and aesthetically valuable solutions for the patient that preserves the natural quality of life.The satisfaction of doctors and patients are guaranteed through our excellent customer service. Through our local contacts, we can ensure that you are not alone and a quick and smooth medical solution is provided in any case. We attach great importance to serving you with our quality products.  Learn more


Style your smile — Osstem Implant

We live in an age in which the power of science becomes evident every day. The advancements in medicine and public health is doubtlessly contributing to a better quality of life, and restorative and regenerative oral health care is also an essential part of it. Standing on one of the top positions in the global implant dentistry, we will improve millions of our lives. By providing prime solutions in implant dentistry, we will lead you towards a genuine smile of life. Style your smile with Osstem Implant.