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Investing in better dentistry

The Univet range of loupes offers the best choice for young dentists made from lightweight, but tough, carbon fibre materials at affordable prices
Young Dentist

Young Dentist

Sun. 10 June 2018


Tony Beale of Optident advises young dentists to use their limited equipment budgets wisely, suggesting to put personalised loupes at the top of any wish list.

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions that students and newly qualified dentists have to make before and upon venturing into dental practice is to prioritise their buying requirements. As budgets will be extremely tight, they will obviously need to be very cautious, not wishing to invest in any dental items that are anything less than practical. It is sensible, therefore, to consider instrumentation that they can use literally every day, and for many varied procedures. Ideally, items should not be expendible, and should have a relatively long service life.

Loupes are a product that definitely fall into this category, and for dental students and the newly qualified practitioner, they can prove to be a very worthwhile investment.

Essential kit
Loupes can now be regarded as an essential piece of kit. They are invaluable in many ways; not only as an aid to enhance the user’s visionary requirements, but to combat poor or incorrect working posture, thus reducing the chances of inducing acute back, neck and shoulder pain, and ensuring a more comfortable and efficient way of working.

However, loupes have never been regarded as cheap! But having said this, ‘cheap’ can often turn out to be costly! Although low-cost loupes can be purchased off the shelf, there really is no substitute for loupes that are custom made to suit the users exact requirements. After all, why would you buy a pair of ready-made spectacles in the hope that your eyesight will adjust to them when you can have a detailed and concise optical prescription for loupes to suit you?
Personalised loupes will take into account and accommodate the correct magnification, lens, angle of working, inter-pupillary distance fit, style of frame and colour, together with the option of upgrading at a later date.

The Optident Vision Boutique offers all young dentists the opportunity to invest in loupes that will be tailored to suit the individual’s prescription, but at reasonable cost. The Univet range of loupes offers the best choice for young dentists with ‘cool’ Italian designer frames made from lightweight, but tough, carbon fibre materials, through-the-lens (TTL), Galilean and prismatic lenses, together with a personalised prescription service to match all the users requirements, all at an affordable price.

Let there be light
Having made the decision to purchase the right loupes, newlyqualified dental practitioners should also then consider illumination as an optional accessory that will significantly enhance the use of their custom-made loupes. Lightweight, battery-powered LED lighting, such as the Optilume POV light, can easily be attached to virtually all loupe types. LEDs permit a clear view of difficult-to-access intraoral areas, enable accurate colour determination and effective shade taking, which is so important in all restorative and cosmetic procedures. Their use in the correct determination of gingival margins in both restorative and periodontal work is also essential.

Those operators who undertake endodontic work will appreciate the advantages that loupes, together with effective lighting can provide. They are an absolute must if optimum operatory results in root canal work is to be achieved without stress or straining.

Dentistry, together with the introduction of continually improved materials and techniques, now enables dental practitioners to offer a wide range of treatment options to their patients. It is therefore of paramount importance that students and newly-qualified practitioners are able to undertake successful treatment programmes, knowing that their skills will be fully utilised by access to the best products and services available.

For further information or to purchase loupes, please contact SWAN or visit

Editorial note: The article was originally published in Young Dentist Magazine.

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