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ROOTS SUMMIT 2016: Premier global forum for endodontics takes place in Dubai

The 2016 ROOTS SUMMIT will take place in Dubai, one of the world's most visited metropolises. (Photograph: Ayotography/Shutterstock)

Fri. 15 January 2016


DUBAI, UAE: This year’s ROOTS SUMMIT, which has drawn dental professionals to various locations all over the world in the past decade, will take place from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3 at the Crowne Plaza Dubai hotel in the United Arab Emirates. Aimed at updating participants about the latest in endodontic treatment, an unparalleled series of lectures and workshops will be held by global opinion leaders in the field.

Although the meeting will focus exclusively on the latest techniques and technologies in endodontics, the organizers have strongly encouraged not only dentists specializing in the field to attend but all who have an interest in endodontics, including general dentists and manufacturers and suppliers of endodontic products. Overall, about 700 attendees are expected.

Over the past 15 years, the ROOTS SUMMIT has grown significantly. The community originally started as a mailing list of a large group of endodontic enthusiasts in the 1990s. After the establishment of a dedicated Facebook group three years ago, membership increased from 1,000 to more than 20,000. Today, the group is composed of members from over 100 countries.

Previous ROOTS SUMMITS have been held in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil and last year in India. These meetings have been known for the strength of their scientific programs and their relevancy to clinical practice. The lectures, workshops and hands-on courses scheduled for this year’s meeting will be no exception. More than 15 distinguished experts are presenting during the conference.

For the summit in Dubai, the organizers have partnered with Dental Tribune International (DTI) and the Dubai-based Centre for Advanced Professional Practices (CAPP) for the first time. With its international network, composed of the leading publishers in dentistry, DTI reaches more than 650,000 dental professionals in 90 countries through its print, online and educational channels, as well as a number of special events. Over the past decade, CAPP has been able to establish first-class standards for continuing dental education programs not only in the UAE but also across the Middle East. Since 2012, CAPP has been affiliated with DTI as a strong local partner in the Middle East.

Based on the successes of previous ROOTS SUMMITS, the organizers anticipate a large turnout for this year’s meeting. Various sponsorship opportunities are available, including booth space, as well as sponsorships of workshops, hands-on courses, meeting bags and social events.

Online registration for the ROOTS SUMMIT is now open at www.roots-summit.com.

Dental professionals are invited to join the ROOTS Facebook group and like the ROOTS SUMMIT 2016 Facebook page.

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