World Oral Health Day Celebration in Dubai, UAE

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World Oral Health Day Celebration in Dubai, UAE


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Students of GEMS Academy Silicon Oasis during WOHD 2017
Dental Tribune Middle East

By Dental Tribune Middle East

Tue. 18 April 2017


DUBAI, UAE: In more than 100 countries around the world, World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is celebrated on 20th of March 2017. The main initiative of FDI is primarily to promote oral health and increase public awareness. This is also the case in the UAE.

This year’s main theme is “Live Mouth Smart” – encouraging the public to regularly check their teeth and mouths. The World Oral Health Day was established to turn people’s attention to the need for prevention and treatment of diseases.

On this year’s World Oral Health Day (WOHD), Damian Bavvhoo, Principal of GEMS Academy Silicon Oasis together with Dr Hamda Sultan Al Mesmar, Director of Dental Services Department at Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Mr. Vincenzo Ventricelli, Vice President Philips Health and Wellness welcomed 70 students at the GEMS Wellington Silicon Oasis School.

Mr Damian welcomed everyone present on this special day and encouraged the students to participate in all the activities that have been organized. Mr. Damian encouraged everyone to focus on thinking about health and healthy living.

Dr Hamda, from Dubai Health Authority during the event spoke about Dubai Smiles Healthy Award programme, which is a school based programme in line with Dubai’s 2021 vision to improve oral health and decrease the level of caries among the students of Dubai. In her speech, Dr Hamda also explained to the children that “Live Mouth Smart” theme stands for brushing teeth twice a day, eating healthy, visiting dentist and dental hygienists regularly and to invest in a toothbrush which can remove up to ten times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. Additionally, all students were invited to participate in the Tooth Brushing Challenge and writing and drawing competitions.

After Dr Hamda’s speech, Mr Ventricelli, Vice President Philips Health and Wellness explained the role of Philips in World Oral Health Day. Mr. Ventricelli mentioned that oral hygiene is a global challenge and Philips is supporting this celebration to improve the lives of people worldwide. He said that for each challenge you need a solution, and the solution for oral health is involvement of the experts to provide materials and education on proper oral health.

It is important that oral health is taken care of from childhood to adulthood, prevention is easier and less painful than treatment. Therefore Philips Sonicare together with Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Dentist Direct and Gems Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis organized several activities for the children to emphasize on proper tooth brushing and the importance of establishing daily good oral hygiene habits.

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