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Zolid Gen-X – Universal Excellence

First universal zirconia without esthetic limitations

Zolid Gen-X puts an end to the time-consuming search for the right blank for the corresponding restoration, quite simply because the latest blanks of the Zolid DNA Generation are true all-rounders! The excellent esthetic properties and outstanding mechanical values exceed any indication limitations. In addition, Gen-X possesses a natural color gradient that takes the blank to a new level in terms of efficiency and esthetics.

With Zolid GEN-X and its integrated color and translucency gradient, a material has now been created that is THE solution for practically all common zirconia indications. Laboratories can use this material to reduce inventory and dispense with time-consuming selection processes based on the indication and position of the restoration. As with all materials of the Zolid DNA Generation, the 16 shades have been precisely matched to the Vita shade guide, giving the user additional security in the fabrication of consistently reproducible results.

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