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Top left: Bien-Air Chiropro PLUS & Top left: Bien-Air new Chiropro

The new Chiropro & Chiropro PLUS

By Bien-Air Dental
May 02, 2019

Bien-Air Dental unveils its new range of implant and oral surgery motors

BIENNE, Switzerland: During the 2018 EAO congress, Bien-Air Dental presented its two new implant and oral surgery motors, the new Chiropro and the Chiropro PLUS.

Designed to simplify the fitting of implants as well as oral surgery procedures, the new Chiropro and Chiropro PLUS have been fully developed around a single philosophy: Simplicity. 

A single control knob allows you to control the entire system. Simply turn the knob to navigate via the menus and adjust the settings, and press it to confirm the selected value. Moreover, the control knob - the only point of contact between dentists and the unit during procedures - can be easily removed and sterilised to simplify maintenance. Thanks to their clear and concise interface, the new Chiropro and Chiropro PLUS plainly display all the information required for procedures to go smoothly: type of instrument, speed, torque, irrigation flow and direction of rotation. Pre-set operating protocols and the option to modify settings based on patients' dental features, also make the new Chiropro and Chiropro PLUS easier to use.

Although these two systems are both easy to use, the new Chiropro and Chiropro PLUS have different fields of application. Whereas the new Chiropro is mainly dedicated to implantology procedures, the Chiropro PLUS enables you to perform both implantology procedures and oral surgery procedures. 

Owing to the fact that each clinical discipline requires a very specific group of instruments, the new Chiropro and Chiropro PLUS units can be connected to the relevant micromotor and rotary instrument required for each procedure. 

Powered by the Chiropro (Chiropro PLUS resp.), the new MX-i micromotor (MX-i PLUS resp.) and CA 20:1 handpiece combine to offer you the very best rotary technology for all your implantology procedures. Coupled with the MX-i micromotor (MX-i PLUS resp.), the CA 20:1 handpiece provides an exceptionally stable speed, for precise and smooth procedures. As well as offering an unparalleled service life, the CA 20:1 handpiece is fitted with a brand-new internal irrigation system. The irrigation line will not inconvenience dentists when they are using the handpiece. 

Oral surgery (including wisdom tooth extraction)
Combined with the PM 1:2 straight handpiece and the MX-i PLUS micromotor, the Chiropro PLUS is the ideal solution for oral surgery procedures, and wisdom tooth extraction in particular. Thanks to the high power of the PM 1:2, the cutting time is reduced by 70% (just 12 seconds to fully section a tooth) and the force required is significantly reduced. The risk of overheating is considerably lowered thanks to the self-cooling system built into the MX-i PLUS.

Oral surgery & periodontology
You can also carry out oral surgery and periodontology procedures using the combination of the Chiropro PLUS, MX-i PLUS micromotor and the new CA 1:2.5 handpiece. The angular shape of the handpiece proves better suited to the target operating area than a straight handpiece, and the high torque of the MX-i PLUS and its built-in self-cooling system guarantee procedures can be performed quickly without the instrument overheating, even during long and complex procedures. 

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