Where Science Meets The Art Of Beauty

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Where Science Meets The Art Of Beauty

Delegates during the scientific programme at the Dental facial Cosmetic Conference in Dubai (Photo: CAPPmea)
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Dental Tribune International

Wed. 27 September 2017


“Where Science Meets The Art Of Beauty” is the theme for this years’ fast approaching 9th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference/Exhibition (DFCIC) to be held at the InterContinental Festival City, Dubai from 01-05 November 2017.

The 9th DFCIC will host over 36 international dental experts from various countries and dental specialties, the experts will be there with a single goal to share their knowledge and expertise with our attendees. Beyond the excellent scientific content that will be offered at the 9th DFCIC, we will also be hosting over 35 companies that have signed up for exhibiting their latest products, which you will not only be able to interact with but also purchase the latest tools, materials, trends and developments to help your practice advance further.

Keeping regional requirements and challenges in mind, CAPP Events has also innovated a new approach to providing FREE CME in partnership with chosen exhibitors to maximize your time and engagement.

Being a science lead conference, there is also space allocated for the research driven members of the dental community to display their latest research posters which will lead to a healthy scientific discourse and display the direction of the most current regional research. The winners will eb awarded with prizes from our sponsors Compass company, giving UNIVET Loops and Philips Sonicare giving the AirFloss Ultra and Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ electric toothbrush.

For the keen amongst you, CAPP Events has also organized 20 hands-on training courses pre- and post-conference between 01-05 November 2017. These hands-on courses have been designed in a way to appeal to both the General Dentists and the Specialists across the board with current hot topics. Ranging from Minimal Invasive Veneers to the Diagnosis and Management of Dentofacial Deformities and everything in between (full list provided below).

The conference will be accredited by DHA and HAAD and enjoys up to 35 CE Credits through CAPP as an ADA CERP Recognized Provider of Continuing Education.

Dental Hygienist Seminar
This years event is a continuation of the partnership between CAPP and Colgate Oral Care Academy with the support of the International Federation for Dental Hygienists (IFDH). In keeping with the current regional needs, the consortium wanted to highlight the needs of the Dental Hygienists who are a growing segment in the local dental profession. The specialized skills of a dental hygienist are necessary to keep our patients’ oral cavity disease free and because of this fact and with the essential support of Colgate Oral Care Academy, we have arranged a whole day of education for the Dental Hygienist. The Dental Hygienist Seminar is a full day event within the DFCIC which will take place on Friday 03 November 2017 and will see over 7 experts in the field present to all our participants and talk on topics ranging from “Working Posture In Daily Work Life” to “Integrating Oral Cancer Screening Into Your Practice” and “Periodontal Assessment & Diagnosis”. Considering the current move towards Implant Dentistry there is also a lecture on “The Hygienists Role In Maintaining Tooth Supported And Implant Supported Restorations”.

At a Glance

1. Treatment Planning And Functional Smile Design: Dynamic Smile Analysis, Face Analysis And Teeth Selection, By Dr. Eduardo Mahn (7 CE Credits)
2. The All Ceramic Course: How To Choose The Best Ceramic Material And Prepare For the Different Type Of Crowns We Currently Have?, By Dr. Eduardo Mahn (7 CE Credits)
3. Advanced Restorative Masterclass – Aesthetic Indirect Restorations, By Prof. Brian Millar & Bill Sharpling (7 CE Credits)
4. Minimal Invasive And Non-Prep Veneers: Smart Smile Design With Veneers, By Asst. Prof. Dr. Cagdas Kislaoglu, Part 1 (7 CE Credits)
5. Minimal Invasive And Non-Prep Veneers: Smart Smile Design With Veneers, By Asst. Prof. Dr. Cagdas Kislaoglu, Part 1 (7 CE Credits)
6. Introduction to designing surgical implant guides by Dr. Alexandros Manolakis
7. Direct Veneers: How To Create The Right Shape And Texture And Achieve The Desired Shade, By Dr. Eduardo Mahn (7 CE Credits)
8. Enhanced Biofilm Management Using Modern Air Polishing Techniques, By Mary Mowbray (2 CE Credits)
9. Master Class With Nobel Biocare, By Dr. Tristan Staas
10. ITOP: Individually Trained Oral Prophylaxis, By Dr. Carla Mora (7 CE Credits)
11. Post-Endodontic Treatment: Should We Place Posts, Do Crowns Or Just Composites And Onlays?, By Dr. Eduardo Mahn (7 CE Credits)
12. The New Concept of ABB – Certification Course, By Dr. Andrew Wallace (7 CE Credits)
13. Class IV Restorations, By Dr. Matthew Holyoak (6 CE Credits)
14. Periodontal Instrumentation & Sharpening, By Mary Rose Pincelli Boglione (5 CE Credits)
15. Working Posture, By Dr. Penelope Jones (3 CE Credits)
16. Veneers Demystified: A Masterclass Hands-On Workshop For Clinical Success, By Dr. Ozair Banday (7 CE Credits)
17. New Concepts And Innovation In The Diagnosis And Management Of Dentofacial Malformations, By Dr. Ashraf Ayoub (7 CE Credits)
18. Endodontics For the 21st Century, The 3Dimensional Revolution, By Prof. James Prichard (7 CE Credits)
19. Indirect Veneers, By Dr. Munir Silwadi (7 CE Credits)
20. Veneers Vs Crowns: The Challenge In Smile Design, Dr. Eduardo Mahn (7 CE Credits)

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