DT News - MEA - Incredible thrill at the graduation ceremony of the Laser Mastership CAPP cohort 2019 in Germany

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Incredible thrill at the graduation ceremony of the Laser Mastership CAPP cohort 2019 in Germany

Petar Mollov, DTMEA

Petar Mollov, DTMEA

Mon. 13 January 2020


AACHEN, GERMANY: On 16-19 December 2019, dental professionals who were part of the Laser Mastership Programme CAPP UAE cohort of 2019, successfully graduated and received their post-graduate “Laser Therapy in Dentistry” certificates from RWTH International Academy - RWTH Aachen University and Aachen Dental Laser Center (AALZ).

This was the third and last module of the programme which served as a final step as delegates sat written exams accompanied by five case presentations each, focusing on hard and soft tissue applications of laser. Delegates had worked on their cases for over six months in their clinics and presented the outcomes to the Aachen University esteemed faculty including Prof. Dr. med. dent. Norbert Gutknecht (Germany), Dr. Dimitris Strakas (Greece) and Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. medic. René Franzen (Germany). Module 1 and 2 previously took place in Dubai, UAE focussing on laser safety, laser devices and diode lasers, erbium lasers and combined wavelengths therapy concepts. The programme included around 40% practical hands-on training and 60% theoretical education.

The graduation ceremony took place at the stunning Hotel Castle Bloemendal in Vaals, The Netherlands, located just a few kilometers from Aachen, Germany. The certificates were handed over to each delegate personally by Prof. Dr. med. dent. Norbert Gutknecht who is the faculty lead of the programme. All participating truly enjoyed the dinner and ceremony within the cozy Christmas atmosphere of the hotel.

For many of the UAE cohort it was the first time travelling to Germany and they had the opportunity to visit the world-famous Aachen Christmas market which was situated under the shadow of the magnificent Aachen Cathedral. It looked like a delightful Christmas village during the day, transforming into a fairyland of sparkling Christmas lights at night.

Feedback from the delegates has been overwhelming. Dr. Omar Bassam Kerklar working currently in the UAE commented: “I recommend everyone to join the Lasers in Mastership programme. I thank all staff and professors for their effort and patience.” Dr. Maimouneh Abdolrahim Qazizadeh living and working in the UAE further added “Thanks to CAPP for providing this amazing experience and most importantly the hands-on skills we learned during this course! We are so happy to reach this milestone!”. “It has been amazing three modules where we gained vast experience” said Dr. Adil Omerson from Pakistan.

The next step for the delegates is the optional “Master of Science in Lasers in Dentistry" from RWTH Aachen University which the graduates can continue to if they wish. The modules of the mastership programme are a subset of the RWTH Aachen University 2 years master of science programme 'Lasers in Dentistry' and qualify for an upgrade into that programme if the participants decide to do so after successful completion.

The eight cohort will be starting with the 'Lasers in Dentistry Mastership' programme on 25 November 2020 in Dubai, UAE. For more information please visit www.cappmea.com/laser or call/WhatsApp +971528423659.