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New cartridge and mixing tip system: applying impression material efficiently and easily

The new cartridge and mixing tip system of Aquasil Ultra+ makes the application of the impression material even easier and, above all, more efficient. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)
Dentsply Sirona – Middle East

Dentsply Sirona – Middle East

Tue. 14 June 2022


Dentsply Sirona now makes the application of conventional impression material even easier and, above all, more efficient: The mixing tip and cartridge system has been optimized. The mixing cube technology results in improved mix quality of the material. In addition, material waste is reduced. In this way, one cartridge can be used for more applications. The new application system is available from now on and will gradually replace the existing system.  

Three essential factors impact conventional impressions: the quality of the impression material, the processing time, and the simplicity and efficiency of the application. The new cartridge and mixing tip system available from Dentsply Sirona seeks to improve these application features for brands like Aquasil Ultra+. 

The decisive factor is the newly developed design of the mixing tip. It can be easily fixed to the cartridge thanks to a turning wing and small alignment pin. A corresponding connection mechanism reduces the risk of cross-contamination between the base and catalyst components. The new integrated 50mL cartridge and mixing tip system requires only a one-time bleed before first use, for life of the cartridge. In combination with the reduced-volume cannula, material waste can be reduced by up to 64% and the number of uses per cartridge increased by ten additional applications.* This optimization enables consistent homogeneous mixing and efficient use of the impression material. 

The color-coded cartridges and mixing tips help to connect the cartridges with the appropriate tip. The new system is compatible with the standard hand dispensers and mechanical mixers already available on the market.

Significant increase in efficiency of the application 

In daily practice, the new application system brings two main benefits: easy handling and greater efficiency. “Thanks to the optimizations made to cartridges and tips, we are experiencing yet another improvement to what is already very good in itself,” explains Dr. Lori Trost, a dentist from Red Bud, IL (USA). “It changes very essential details of the mechanics of the tip that make the cartridge easier to handle and ensure that the impression material is used really efficiently. And: a well-mixed material becomes a predictable mix.” 

With the new mixing tips, the special product properties of Aquasil Ultra+ are even more apparent. The impression material is placed in the tray in an optimum mixing ratio and thus contributes to an accurate impression result even in critical clinical situations.

The new cartridge and mixing tip system achieves ease of use and efficient application of the material. Less material waste means conserving resources and actually saving money. 

As a leader of digital and analog impression taking techniques, Dentsply Sirona has two successful options that just got better: Aquasil Ultra+ for conventional impressions and Primescan for digital impressions. 

*When comparing Dentsply Sirona low viscosity impression material in the new red mixing tip versus the former teal mixing tip offered by Dentsply Sirona. 

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