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How I reduced Class II postoperative sensitivity

October 20, 2019

Dr. Lindsay Ford, associate dentist at Lushington Road Dental Practice in Eastbourne (UK), explains how Dentsply Sirona’s Class II solution has had a dramatic effect in reducing postoperative sensitivity in her patients.

Class II restorations are something my colleagues and I deal with every day. Working as an associate in a fully private, amalgam-free practice, our challenge was to find a composite-based restorative solution which would reduce the existing level of postoperative sensitivity amongst our patients.

Problems with postoperative sensitivity
When I first joined Lushington Road Dental Practice in 2017, I was happy to try out the restorative materials already established in the practice. However, I found that a number of my Class II patients were returning to me, complaining of postoperative sensitivity and long settling in periods. Their radiographs sometimes showed marginal contractions, lack of compression or small air gaps. Something wasn’t right and it was costing us time and money. It was time to look for an alternative.

In a class of its own
I tried Dentsply Sirona’s Class II solution:

  • Palodent® V3 sectional matrix - a simple matrix system that provides predictable and accurate contact points and a tight marginal seal
  • Prime&Bond® universal - universal and reliable exhibiting excellent spreading capability and moisture control
  • SDR Plus - with outstanding flowability and self-levelling properties to avoid voids and air bubbles, a frequent cause of postoperative sensitivity
  • ceram.x® SphereTEC universal composite - exceptional handling and aesthetics with a simplified shade matching system
  • Enhance® Finishing System - capable of removing excess composite, contouring and polishing simply by adjusting the pressure applied, and delivering a beautifully aesthetic result

This suite of individually exceptional products works together to deliver excellent and predictable clinical outcomes. It’s clear from their simplicity, ease of use and high performance that they have been developed with clinicians in mind.

What a result!
The fantastic handling of all of the materials enables me to achieve full coverage of adhesive and composite within the cavity to ensure no bubbles or voids which could later lead to postoperative sensitivity.

After my success with it, I persuaded my fellow colleagues to give it a try. As a result, instances of postoperative sensitivity across the practice have dramatically reduced and now we are all benefitting from the predictability and confidence it engenders.

What’s more, it’s been a cost-effective move as patients are no longer returning and taking up valuable clinical time and we are all now working with the same materials.

Switching to Dentsply Sirona’s Class II solution has been a positive move in every way. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any other clinician.

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