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Formlabs Dental and Medit partner to streamline chairside 3D printing

The combination of industry-leading technology will reduce hurdles to digital dentistry adoption.

Fri. 4 March 2022


Formlabs, a leading 3D printing company, today announces its partnership with Medit, a global provider of dental 3D scanners, to make chairside 3D printing accessible and approachable to all dental practices. Starting today, Medit Link users can download Formlabs’ PreForm app, a software integration that helps to prepare dental CAD designs for quick and convenient printing on Formlabs printers, directly from Medit Link. In combining their powerful and intuitive technology, Formlabs and Medit will enable clinicians to easily 3D print dental components with greater speed and efficiency through a simplified in-office workflow.

Formlabs Chief Product Officer Dávid Lakatos said: “Formlabs Dental is expanding access to 3D printing, and doing so requires partnering with industry leaders like Medit to address barriers to adoption in the dental industry. Together, we’ve created a complete chairside workflow that addresses these barriers to make the technology more accessible, with the ultimate goal of unlocking the benefits of dental 3D printing for both providers and patients.”

With Medit intraoral scanners, dental professionals can scan a patient’s teeth, and then simply and easily convert scans into 3D printed models and appliances with a Formlabs Form 3B+ printer. This partnership builds on the success of Formlabs Dental, which has supported digital dentistry adoption with validated workflows, its biocompatible portfolio including resins such as Permanent Crown and Temporary CB, and Formlabs’ PreForm software. Dental professionals can utilize this new workflow with Medit’s industry-leading i500 and i700 intraoral scanners to add 3D printing in a reliable, easy-to-integrate way to their workflows, without extensive training and costs. 

"The integration of Formlabs and Medit combines best-in-class 3D printers with the industry's fastest intraoral scanner. This will inevitably bring about great synergy, resulting in easier access to a complete chairside solution,” said Medit Chief Strategy Officer Inhaeng Cho.


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