Hu-Friedy Black Line surgical collection: a growing passion for innovation

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Hu-Friedy Black Line surgical collection: a growing passion for innovation

Hu-Friedy Black Line surgical collection

By Hu-Friedy

Sun. 3 May 2020


More than six years have passed since the initial launch of the innovative Hu-Friedy Black Line Surgical Collection. Its black coated instruments, designed and meticulously handcrafted to meet the always increasing clinicians' needs, have provided to our valued customers across the globe a new and reliable solution to enhance their performance in surgical procedures, by offering a variety of unique points of performance and clinical benefits.

Always with a future-oriented vision and approach towards innovation, Hu-Friedy is proud to continue investing in this request of precision, control and handling, always with the focus on the patient satisfaction, by extending and enriching its Black Line Surgical portfolio.

New solutions for the ever advancing clinical needs
The Hu-Friedy Surgical Black Line aids clinicians by providing efficiency and performance across a wider range of clinical applications - implant and periodontal surgery, microsurgery, atraumatic extractions and tunnelling techniques.

"The inclusion of a wider line of products utilizing the performance engineered coating is crucial in bringing a greater advantage to the professional and enhancing their work." - shares Francesco Merlettini, EMEA Surgical Product Manager - "We were asked about possible additions to the line in the future, which clearly meant that the value and advantages offered through the Black Line concept were deemed successful and beneficial by our audience. We are now happy and proud to share that the family is growing."

The original portfolio included selection of periosteals, periodontal knives, periotomes, luxating elevators, surgical curettes, bone chisels, sinus lift instruments and Super-Cut scissors, and has now expanded and added additional categories, like Luxating Hybrids, syndesmotomes and retractors, all improved by the innovative performance engineered coating.

A wide range of benefits to perform at your best and in the best conditions
Why are Hu-Friedy Black Line instruments your perfect choice? The matte finish handle reduces glare when the oral cavity is brightly illuminated and the performance engineered coating guarantees an excellent contrast against the gingival tissue and can be distinguished clearly at all times, enhancing control and precision during the tunneling and microsurgical techniques of intervention.

Moreover, due to the special surface performance engineered coating, the working tips remain hard and smooth for optimized edge retention. Try our expanded collection and experience a higher level in surgical treatments.

What KOL think about it
Hu-Friedy is enthusiastic and proud to share how much the quality, features and the clinical advantages of the Black Line instruments are appreciated and recognized among our Key Opinion Leaders, who have been enjoying working with them since their initial launch and who are providing us a precious support in delivering a genuine message of value. "I love the Black Line instruments - share Dr. Istvan Urban, whose famous "Mini Me" is now also available in the black version - and in addition to their perfect quality they are super cool." 

Prof Christian Makary is also a big supporter of the Hu-Friedy Black Line “The black, mate and non-reflective working ends ensure better visual acuity and reduce vision discomfort making surgeries less challenging. Black Line instruments are also very efficient and well designed, their engineered coating allow better control and precision through their prolonged edge retention and enhanced lubricity, giving the surgeon a “new instrument feeling” at every surgery.” 

To learn more about Black Line, visit or contact our local distributors.

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