HD BLACK LINE MIRRORS - Proven to Reduce Glare up to 80%*

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HD BLACK LINE MIRRORS - Proven to Reduce Glare up to 80%*

Hu-Friedy - Middle East
Hu-Friedy - Middle East

Hu-Friedy - Middle East

Thu. 23 January 2020


Having a clear and precise diagnosis is needed in order to correctly plan the necessary treatment and sight is the first sense that every clinician uses, therefore having the best possible vision is crucial.

With this in mind, Hu-Friedy, the global leader in dental instrument manufacturing and infection prevention solutions, leveraged the success of HD Mirrors, Blackline and XTS product lines, to create HD Black Line Mirrors. This innovation was engineered to optimize clinical outcomes by delivering superior visibility throughout any dental procedure.

The Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating of the handle and mirror frame reduces glare up to 80%!*

The durable black matte finish in combination with the superior brilliance and color of Hu-Friedy’s proprietary HD Mirror glass facilitates quicker and more accurate visibility of the mouth.

HD Mirror provides superior brilliance and color for quicker and more accurate visibility of the mouth. †

  • 113% reflection factor for exceptional image clarity. †
  • 38.5% brighter than rhodium coated mirror glass. †
  • 50% brighter than other front surface mirror glass. †

The black color of the coating creates a distinct contrast between the instrument, the tooth and/or the surrounding tissue allowing for easy identification intraorally.*

The large diameter handle increases control, provides maximum comfort and reduces hand fatigue, creating an ergonomically friendly handle option.

Tami Wanless, RDH, MED, from USA, states about the product: “I wear loupes with a LED light and noticed a significant difference in the amount of glare reflecting back into my field of vision during patient care, allowing me to see more detail. I realized, at the end of my clinical day, I had less eye strain when I used the HD Black Line Mirrors.”.

Dr. Carlo Poggio, from Italy, is also using HD Black Line Mirrors in his digital dentistry cases: “A very simple “digital dentistry” issue: when dealing with intraoral scans in the posterior areas, it is often necessary to retract the tongue. Unfortunately, our usual retractor, the dental mirror, has a metal reflective back surface, which is not ideal for light reflection; scanning may be interrupted or get distorted. By using Hu-Friedy’s new HD Black Line Mirror I definitely solved the light reflection issues.” he quoted.

For more information on Akro-Flex, please contact your Hu-Friedy representative or dealer or visit https://www.hufriedy.eu/en/hd-black-line-mirrors

* When comparing the Hu-Friedy DLC coated mirror head and handle to the Hu-Friedy non-coated stainless steel mirror head and handle.
† Data on file and available upon request.

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