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3ssential Kit By Werestore.It: The easiest way for restoratives

By Hu-Friedy
June 26, 2019

In collaboration with by Drs. Gaetano Paolone and Salvatore Scolavino, doctors with expertise and the passion for restorative dentistry, Hu-Friedy announces the new simplified basic kit for direct and indirect restorative procedures: 3SSENTIAL KIT.

Starting from the necessity of something essential and easy to use, 3SSENTIAL KIT is ideal for both clinicians and young students who want to save precious time in their dental office during restorative procedures and are willing to achieve remarkable aesthetic and functional results. 

“Until now the minimum number of instruments for a restorative kit was five”, says Dr. Paolone, co-founder of, “we wanted to create something even more compact, essential and easy to use, and this is why we chose three instruments instead of five”.

3SSENTIAL Kit is the most straightforward kit of restorative ever made, with just three instruments at once: Anterior, Posterior and Spatula with three different colours (red, blue and grey) to easily identify them while operating. The choice of the instruments from the Hu-Friedy the Black Line Collection lays in the useful contrast made between the instrument itself and the tissue. 

“The concept behind the Posterior is very simple: we wanted to go from a Plug and Play to a Plug and Sculpt method”, says Dr. Scolavino of, “one tip is used to plug the composite into the cavity and the other one can sculpt and model composite in additive and subtractive modelling techniques”.

About the Anterior, the doctors call it solid brush since it models and spreads the composite very easily, just like a brush.

“Hu-Friedy constantly works to further develop new partnership with the very people involved in the industry”, says Giana Spasic, Manager Key Opinion Leaders Strategy Europe at Hu-Friedy, “for example key opinion leaders, specialists, private practitioners, universities and educators, with the purpose of always finding new ways to help clinicians to perform at their best”.

For more information about 3SSENTIAL KIT and all the other Hu-Friedy products, visit and download the full catalogue at

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