HuFriedyGroup introduces Harmony Ergonomic Scaler designed with TrueFit Technology

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HuFriedyGroup introduces Harmony Ergonomic Scaler designed with TrueFit Technology

Harmony Ergonomic Scaler


Mon. 11 January 2021


Innovative new scaler scientifically proven to relieve pressure in the hand

HuFriedyGroup, the dental division of Cantel Medical Corp., and a global leader in infection prevention, dental instrument manufacturing, and instrument reprocessing workflows for the dental market, today introduced the new line of Harmony Ergonomic Scalers and Curettes designed with TrueFit Technology. This latest addition to the best-in-class instrument portfolio from HuFriedyGroup is a truly ergonomic scaling solution backed by scientific innovation.

“We set out with the goal of developing a new scaler that would provide scientifically proven ergonomic benefit for clinicians, improving their experience and that of the patient as well,” said Stacie Barth, Vice President, Global Strategic Business Unit, HuFriedyGroup. “Our rigorous, data-supported design process is a novel approach for the industry, and the results speak for themselves. More than ever, clinicians and dental hygienists need to feel comfortable with their instruments, and the new Harmony Scaler is designed precisely to improve their daily working experience.”

HuFriedyGroup developed the Harmony Scaler using TrueFit Technology to provide true ergonomic benefits driven by scientific evidence. This advanced, sensor-based testing system measures pinch force in the finger and pressure applied to the tooth when scaling. With over 2.8 million data points recorded, HuFriedyGroup researchers and engineers utilised TrueFit Technology to develop a scaler handle with optimal proportions and ideal width that provides a secure and nimble grasp.

HuFriedyGroup relied on a broad, globe-spanning group of hygienists to participate in testing and development as part of an iterative design process. To ensure a scientific perspective and accurate representation of the data collected, HuFriedyGroup worked with a world-renowned third-party analytics firm to review and analyse the resulting 2,878,320 data points. 

The result was pure harmony, a handle that reduces pinch force up to 65% compared to other leading scaler designs. This reduces the amount of pressure a clinician needs to apply when using the instrument, which may alleviate hand fatigue and injury risk due to repetitive motion.

With up to 37% less pressure against the tooth surface during scaling compared to other leading scaler handle designs, Harmony Ergonomic Scalers and Curettes can increase patient comfort and reduce clinician fatigue. Furthermore, Harmony features EverEdge 2.0 Working Ends, which are 72% sharper than the next leading competitor, which also contributes to creating a more comfortable experience for both clinician and patient. 

The durable metal handle, which features a recessed double-helix texture, is designed for optimal tactile sensitivity and to reduce tactile fatigue. The comfortable silicone grip, which has been extended by 30%, provides a secure and nimble grasp with a geometric pattern specifically designed for stable grip in any direction. Clinicians can comfortably manoeuvre and roll the scaler due to the round shape of the handle and the smooth transition to the functional shank.

With 30 unique working end options, including Sickles, Universals, and Graceys, the Harmony Scaler is immediately available for purchase from authorized HuFriedyGroup representatives or dental distributors. 

For more information, dental professionals should contact their HuFriedyGroup representative or visit . 


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