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HuFriedyGroup – IMS Solution to be the best in practice



Fri. 4 June 2021


HuFriedyGroup has come together to provide the best dental experience to the industry. Our unique combination of products, services, and support enables dental professionals to reduce risk, improve efficiencies, drive compliance, and enhance patient and staff safety. The company is committed to helping dental professionals perfect their craft and deliver the highest level of care to each patient.

Infection prevention is more important than ever and that’s why HuFriedyGroup has doubled down on the commitment to support dental professionals with a Complete Circle of Protection in the operatory and throughout the entire practice. A total dental solution helps minimize the exposure to cross-infection and blood-borne pathogens during daily clinic procedures. A complete Chairside Management ensures efficiency, safety and organization in your dental practice.

With the Instrument Management System (IMS) you can eliminate time-consuming steps that slow down reprocessing and save up to an hour per day, in fact, the IMS solution standardizes and combines the transportation, cleaning, sterilization and storage of dental instruments thanks to the IMS cassettes: they save time by pre-sorting instruments by procedure, ensuring efficiency, organization and safety during reprocessing.

For small consumables such as cotton rolls, gauzes, aspirator tips, etc., the IMS Tubs can be used as portable operatory drawers to store them all at once: they even have antimicrobial protection* integrated into the material that composes the tub and this technology helps reduce the proliferation of bacteria inside them. 

The IMS Tubs are available in colours that match the IMS Cassette rails, and this allows the staff to quickly identify what they need by procedure and save time. The perfect match of IMS Tubs and Cassettes minimizes the handling of contaminated instruments and consumables, reducing the risk of injury and infections. 

In a time when more diseases spread around the world, it’s crucial to put the attention on operators, staff and patients’ safety, especially with the use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). HuFriedyGroup has a selection of single-use disposables (masks, gowns, drapes, accessories, medical adhesives, gauzes, pads), which are assembled in Procedural Sets: they can be non-sterile, containing the necessary protection during all kinds of general procedures, or sterile, with reliable protection during routine and advanced surgery. Moreover, a Procedural set can be created and customized with all disposable medical devices prepared according to practitioners’ requirements: this allows you to optimise time and work costs and simplify documentation, ordering and administration, helping you to focus on the care of your patients. 

Potential infection can be everywhere in a dental practice, even on clinical contact surfaces (such as light switches, handles, countertops, chairs, drawer handles and even phones), and they must be cleaned and disinfected between patients. Bactryl Disinfectant - spray or wipes - will make this job easy for dental practices.  With its low-alcohol and no harsh fragrance formula, it kills a broad spectrum of disease-causing microorganisms**. Cleaning and Disinfection are key to maintaining a safe and healthy practice environment.

Last but not least, water is a key element in dental treatment: cleaning the waterlines is a critical step to ensure the water quality meets the high standards that the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has set for acceptable drinking water. You can reduce your daily Dental Unit Waterline (DUWL) treatment to a simple annual routine: DentaPure cartridge by HuFriedyGroup provides 365 days of safe and compliant dental unit water.***

Working together with HuFriedyGroup you can build a total dental solution for your clinic that is compliant with the international standard procedures and Best Practices while ensuring efficiency, safety and organization for complete Chairside Management.

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* Treated with [Sanafor PO-5] antimicrobial protection to help reduce the growth of stain and odour-causing bacteria. These antimicrobial properties are built-in to protect the Tubs. The antimicrobial protection does not protect users or others against any other bacteria, or against viruses, germs or other disease organisms.

**Tested according to requirements and methods for VAH Certification of Chemical Disinfection procedures. VAH Listed. Data on file.

*** Up to 240 l of water 

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