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Mectron Prophylaxis - New Starjet

STARJET – turbine-adapted handheld air-polisher

By Mectron Spa
March 08, 2021

One single device to manage all Mectron powders with different granulometries.

Easy switch from supra to subgingival air-polishing by simply turning the exclusive selection ring between PROPHY to PERIO allowing a complete supra and subgingival prophylaxis treatment.

Always the best access thanks to different spray nozzles:  120° and 90° angled spray nozzles for supra- and subgingival use in periodontal pockets up to 5 mm depth.

The perio nozzle equipped with the subgingival perio tip provides optimal access in pockets deeper than 5 mm. Flexible and soft, the subgingival, disposable perio tip will come sterile and attaches easily to the perio nozzle by hand.

The nozzles are fully sterilisable and 360° rotatable. Just one click connects the nozzles safely to the air polishing handpiece, thanks to a dedicated security connection system.

Transparent powder chamber for the best powder level visibility and easy powder filling thanks to the lateral opening.

Easy to clean thanks to the dismantled parts. Straight internal tubes made of stainless steel to simplify the maintenance procedures.

Available 7 different turbine adapters: Bien Air Unifix and Unifix L-  KaVo multiflex and multiflex lux - Sirona R and B - W&H Roto Quick and Roto Quick lux – NSK - Midwest- Borden.

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