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Natural toothpaste R.O.C.S. is now available at Boots pharmacies in the UAE

R.O.C.S. oral care brand has announced a new recent deal with Boots Pharmacies in the UAE. (Image: R.O.C.S.)


Tue. 20 October 2020


DUBAI, UAE: R.O.C.S. oral care brand has announced a new recent deal with Boots Pharmacies in the UAE. The brand will be present in Boots stores across the UAE offering main product lines for different age groups.

In the UAE, R.O.C.S. was launched in 2015 in the pharmacy channel with the children range only. By the time, it has expanded further to online and specialized retailers. “Partnership with Boots Pharmacies is the important milestone for the brand going forward. Firstly, our adult range is introduced for the first time to the channel, thus making all age groups available for wider audiences. Secondly, premium proposition of Boots Pharmacies allows to correctly communicate R.O.C.S. brand values to consumers”, commented Oleg Prokopchuk, UAE Regional Brand Representative. Initially, R.O.C.S. will be available in 17 Boots stores across the UAE and expanded over the course of the next several months to more outlets.

R.O.C.S. brand

R.O.C.S., a Swiss-Russian brand, was originally launched in 2005. The name R.O.C.S. (Remineralizing Oral Care Systems) precisely reflects the product’s concept. All R.O.C.S. toothpastes are prophylactic and have natural proposition – they strengthen the enamel, increase tooth resistance to caries, relieve and prevent inflammation of the gums, freshen the breath and give the teeth back their natural whiteness. Long-lasting tooth and periodontal hygiene are a trademark of R.O.C.S. products.

The brand’s philosophy can be expressed in three words: quality, effectiveness, safety. When developing toothpaste formulas, the company dedicates a lot of attention to the quality of ingredients, their compatibility, and the amounts in which they would be most effective.

R.O.C.S. has over 50 patents worldwide and endorsement from global professional dental societies which is the outcome of years of research and clinical studies conducted by the company.

Fluoride-free approach

One specific feature of the R.O.C.S. toothpastes is the extremely scant use of fluorides. Most of the toothpastes do not contain fluoride at all, and when it is used, it is in relatively small amounts. However, R.O.C.S. toothpastes that contain no fluoride are no less effective than those of its competitors that do contain fluoride, offering safer caries prophylaxis.

The anti-adhesive properties or bromelain and xylitol are the most important active ingredients in the R.O.C.S. formula. Bromelain, synthesized from pineapple stems, decomposes plaque and prevents the formation of new plaque. Xylitol, being a natural ingredient, has antimicrobial properties, which are used to fight caries-producing bacteria and fungi. Based on clinical trials, microbiologists have concluded that R.O.C.S. toothpastes possess prebiotic qualities and normalize the composition of the oral microflora.

Special approach for children

The R.O.C.S. R&D team prides itself of being one of the first who recognized the importance of age specification. Dedicating close attention to the very first teeth, thus ensuring dental health in years to come.

The R.O.C.S. Baby toothpaste can be used even before any teeth have appeared, in order to protect the gums. At this age, children are not yet able to rinse their mouths, and almost always swallow all toothpaste. This is the reason why this particular toothpaste is manufactured using natural components, which are not harmful when swallowed, do not cause allergic reactions and lessen the discomfort of teething.

For age group 3-7, the company offers the R.O.C.S. Kids range, both with and without fluoride. Aminu fluoride used in selected range is added in the amount of 800 ppm only, to satisfy age requirements. Whereas range without fluoride as ROCS Fruity cone is based on enzymes and proved its efficiency throughout major clinical studies. For age group 6-12 – R.O.C.S. Junior, Fluoride Free while for age group 8-18 – R.O.C.S. Teens. The formulas of these toothpastes have been developed while devoting special attention to how the teeth develop at each specific aging stage.

For more information about the brand please visit www.rocs.ae and its official Instagram account @rocsmea.


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