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The Dentsply Sirona Global Clinical Case Contest 2018-2019

July 14, 2019

Every year, dental undergraduate and graduate students, with less than 2 years of clinical practice, are invited to participate by documenting a patient case with photographs and text. Since its inception in 2004-2005, more than 3,900 dental students have participated, with the 2018-2019 competition drawing a total of about 1,242 entries, from 134 universities.

This year the regional winner for MENA was Rana Ali Al-Saadi from Ibn Sina National College, Saudi Arabia. Check out her winning case! 


Introduction to the case
A 44 year-old male patient came to the clinic to solve his aesthetic problem related to incisors, canines 13, 12, 11, 21, 22.

Treatment options
1: Crowns related to #11, 12, 21, Direct veneer #22 and class V composite restoration related to #13.
2: Build up related to #11, 12, 21, Direct veneer #22 and class V composite restoration related to #13.

Treatment options were discussed with the patient and the patient chose the second option.

Material and Method
The digital smile design approach is very beneficial in deciding the preferred ideal outcome. Interpretation was onto the diagnostic wax up. After isolation with the rubber dam, caries excavation and cavity preparation was performed. Teeth were etched with DeTrey® Conditioner 36  rinsed and dried. Prime&Bond universalTM was applied and light-cured. Reconstructions were made with (ceram.x® duo) using a multi-layering technique with dentin shade (ceram.x® duo D3) and enamel shade (ceram.x® duo E2). For finishing  & polishing firstly finished with a diamond bur, then with Enhance® Finishing System and Polishing with Enhance® PoGo system and Prisma Gloss® pastes.

Discussion and Conclusion
Re-creating an aesthetic smile was a challenging task in the present case. The final restoration satisfied the patient's expectations. Ceram.x® duo showed a remarkable final natural appearance in this case. Ceram.x® duo has excellent handling, finishing, and polishing properties that resulted in a highly aesthetic outcome.

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