FKG Dentaire: Advocating for more conservative and successful endodontic treatment

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FKG Dentaire: Advocating for more conservative and successful endodontic treatment

Alexandre Mulhauser, Middle East, Africa and India Director


Tue. 9 February 2016


DUBAI, UAE: Cutting edge endo instruments and continuous investments in Research and Development has resulted in booming FKG Dentaire sales globally. Thinking out of the box, willing to create a new path in conservative dentistry and focusing on the interests of both the patient and the dentist has led to the latest launch of vanguard endodontic files: XP-endo Finisher and BT-Apisafe.

These new instruments allow the practitioner to conserve root dentine while at the same time ensuring optimal biofilm removal.
In order to help practitioners optimise their skills and utilize these new technologies developed by its engineers and top endodontists, FKG Dentaire has set-up several Training Centers around the globe. The first one opened in Dubai (UAE) in 2013, as well as the one in Oslo (Norway) in partnership with Dr Gilberto Debelian (Endo’Inn), followed by La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland) in 2014. The latest training center was inaugurated last year in Mexico (Tutores Dentales).

In 2016, following the success of the training center in Dubai and the desire to increase its teaching capacity, FKG Dentaire has decided to upgrade its Dubai Center. In addition to an increased number of work stations, partnerships have been established with other leading endodontic manufacturers like Global Microscope, B&L as well as several other world renowned dental companies.

The Dubai Center started its 2016 activities by receiving groups of dentists and endodontists from Greece and Poland trained by Dr Bartosz Cerkaski (Poland) and Dr Andreas Krokidis (Greece).
Partnerships have been created with different continuing education organizations like CAPPMEA (UAE), Next Level Endodontics (Pr Martin Trope and University of Pennsylvania faculty (USA)) and others to organize specialized trainings to fit to the level of any dentist willing to push his/her knowledge and improve outcomes.

The next date to save is the AEEDC (2-4 February 2016) held in Dubai. FKG Dentaire will have a major stand on the Swiss Pavilion (Booth N° 8E10) and has brought top endodontic lecturers to Dubai !
• On February 2nd, Pr Martin Trope will lecture on “Modern Endodontics: Theory to Practice“ and will do a three hour Advanced Specialty Course.
• On February 3rd, Pr Martin Trope and Pr Roger Rebeiz will discuss in a joint lecture apical limit, apical enlargement, canal shape and obturation technics.
• On February 4th, Pr Roger Rebeiz will lecture on “Treating infected root canals and periradicular radiolucent lesions” and will do a three hour Advanced Specialty Course.

Pr Roger Rebeiz (Lebanon), Dr Mohammed Mahmoud Ibrahim (Egypt) and Dr Diane Farhang (UAE) will alternately lead hourly free workshops to demonstrate the unique properties of FKG’s latest endodontic instruments at the FKG Dentaire Booth.

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