Searching for polaris or a journey through dentists’ mind – NUVO CEEMEA customer research

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Searching for polaris or a journey through dentists’ mind – NUVO CEEMEA customer research



Fri. 11 November 2022


Implantology is an ocean. We are the sailors searching for Polaris in this endless ocean. That’s how A Journey Through Dentists’ Mind Story has begun. Who are on this ship? Dentists, patients, market players, sellers, and buyers. Dentists are the captain of the boat. And this journey is their implantology path. A ship is safe in port but that’s not what ships are for.

We want to enlighten this path because we have very limited information from the 3rd tier market. It is a new market for both distributors and subsidiaries. In addition to these facts, there is a lack of well-documented knowledge, especially in terms of dentists’ behavior. That is our Polaris! Our overall goal for exploring dentists’ minds perfectly, the first thing we do was to categorize it as Kant would do!  The first one is their learning motivation. The second one is their buying behavior and the third one is the effect of digital media which is the king of communication.

In this research, combining qualitative and quantitative methods, we interviewed more than 160 dentists for over 1000 minutes. More than 750 questions were asked. A survey was conducted with 150 dentists. The results were rarely unexpected, sometimes standard, and often surprising.

Training Section

In this section, we aim to explore dentists’ motivation for selecting the implantology path. We have revealed that the most important motivation is financial. The second most important motivation is reputable Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) trigger dentists’ enthusiasm for implantology.

Implantology education is a self-educational journey according to many doctors. When we ask about implantology education, the most stated word is “observation”. 93% of dentists stated that they learn implantology through seminars and online training organized by universities. Dentists describe implantology training as a “combination of theoretical and practical learnings”​.

Finally, the most interesting part of this section is 43% of dentists keep themselves up to date with the social media posts of other KOLs. They are very active on social media and search for other colleagues to learn.

Commercial Section

Especially in the economic segment, discovering the purchasing decision of dentists was amazing. This is the part when we scan the dentist’s mind -for real-!

Turns out that physicians have 3 different categories in mind when it comes to economical brands. And it was interesting to see that they don’t categorize the brands as we do.  ​The first one is Premium economics. The second one is Korean brands and the third one is local brands.

Premium Economics: Brands that are sponsored by premium companies are considered Premium economics. Dentists use these brands very often since they think that these brands have a Premium brand guarantee, and they are also economical. That’s why they try to have experience with them, and they think there should be more similar alternatives considering the economic situation that they are currently in.

Korean Brands: Korean brands are also presenting a good image since they are not fully local and not very expensive.

Local Brands: These brands are good to use according to dentists. They have a similar quality to other Premium economical brands, and they have good experience with them. But since they are very new, they still feel a distance from these brands and waiting to gain more experience.

They think that all brands have advantages as well as disadvantages. It seems that not one group is dominating the other since they would like to keep up the distance and stay neutral since they think that success is more important than the brand itself.​

Regardless of the segmentation, the top 3 criteria that are important for dentists are being a well-established firm, after-sale support, and regular visits. As discovered in the qualitative section, the most important factors that affect brand decisions are accessibility of the company, experience, and appropriateness for the patient.

Lastly, at least 84% of dentists are multi-brand users​. Out of 100 patients that visit the dental clinic, 31 patients are recommended implant treatment and 17 patients have direct implant treatment requests. Twelve patients applied for implant treatment in one month. The 48% is the total percentage of the patient with implant requirements. With a 25% monthly conversation rate, there is a huge potential for new patients.

Digital Media Section

The new king in the communication world is digital media for a long time. Even though implantology is a grey area in the digital media environment, 67% of patients who ask for a specific brand, mostly get information about brands from social media.​ Despite that, the study shows that 84% of dentists recommend another brand that is suitable for their treatment. Most dentists mention that their patients make a lot of research online about implants before consulting them. So, the patients are generally very well informed and ‘googling’. However, the information is mostly not in line with their expectation, so dentists make a lot of guidance at that point.​ Turns out that, dentists spend around 30-40 minutes to explain about brands, prices, and treatments.

The most amazing data to mention here is that 92% of dentists use social media to get information about implantology. Thus, half of the dentists note that their purchasing decision is affected by the social media presence of dental implant companies.

Final Words

We asked dentists if they had a magic wand in their hands, and what would they change in implantology.  The answers summarize all the outcomes and shows the real “Polaris”

“Implants be compatible with each other”

“Osseointegration and the overall treatment be very quick”

“I wish the osseointegration process was very short​”

“I would like companies to increase the quality of the training. They do the training just to do something”

“Don't want to wait. I would like to place the implant and immediately add the prosthesis on top of it”

“Companies be more professional”

“I would like all the implants which I made to be 100% successful”

“I would like very affordable implants to be sold with good quality. I would like all citizens to benefit from”

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