NUVO continues training activities through 2022

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NUVO continues training activities through 2022



Thu. 3 November 2022


After two successful training sessions in Turkey, NUVO CEEMEA Team continues organizing training sessions with 4 courses to discuss NUVO in depth.

The first course will be held in İstanbul with two respectable dentists from Israel. More than 10 dentists from Bulgaria are going to attend the NUVO InternalFIT course. The program will be a two-day course. On the first day, the attendees will participate in theoretical sessions.  On the second day, they were given hands-on sessions on both surgical and prosthetic workflows of the NUVO InternalFIT.

The second and third training will be an advanced course with NUVO ConicalFIT in November. The first group of dentists is  from Azerbaijan and the second group is from Lebanon. In these two-day training sessions the participants will attend a live surgery session. Totally over 25 dentists from two countries will have a chance to enlarge their knowledge about simple surgical techniques and prosthetic steps to give their patient a long-term successful outcome. The training will be performed by Prof. Dr. Doruk Koçyiğit and instructed by Dr. Tolga Pekperdahcı.

Cadaver Course on December

NUVO CEEMEA Team has organized “Dental Implantology Course on Fresh Human Cadavers with ConicalFIT” in Ankara, Turkey in May. The second Cadaver Course will be held in December in İstanbul, at Koç University RMK Academy of Interventional Medicine, Education, and Simulation.  The “Full Arch Rehabilitation with 4-6 Implants on Fresh Human Cadavers with NUVO ConicalFIT” will be instructed by 3 respectable Turkish dentists, Prof. Dr. Doruk Koçyiğit, Prof. Dr. Oğuz Ozan, Dr. Tolga Pekperdahcı. This two-day course will aim to help dentists in achieving a higher level of clinical comfort with a range of soft tissue surgical procedures.

NUVO CEEMEA Team will continue training and education activities with NUVO ConicalFIT and InternalFIT portfolios.

November Advanced Course with NUVO ConicalFIT İstanbul
November Advanced Course with NUVO ConicalFIT İstanbul
November Dental Implantology Course on Fresh Human Cadavers with ConicalFIT İstanbul

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