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Dive into ‘Magic of Leading Digital Dentistry’: Unveiling educational programmes at 2024 Osstem World Meeting in Seoul

One of the lectures held on the second day of the '2023 World Meeting. (Photos: Osstem Implant)

Wed. 3 April 2024


Osstem Implant (Chairman Tae-Kwan Eom) extends a cordial invitation to over 1,500 dentists from 30 countries for the ‘2024 Osstem World Meeting Seoul’, a global dental academic symposium set to take place over two days on 27-28 April 2024.

Catering to the diverse national backgrounds of the visiting dentists, Osstem Implant has curated a lineup of esteemed speakers in respective disciplines from several nations. Under the guidance of four moderators, 13 dental professors and directors from nine countries—Korea, Japan, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, New Zealand, and Poland—will lead lectures and live surgery sessions.

This year’s event is titled ‘Magic of Leading Digital Dentistry.’ The topics addressed in the lectures, live surgeries, and hands-on courses underscore the Osstem Implant’s dedication to showcasing the advanced digital technology and a variety of pertinent clinical cases in one place. Osstem Implant and the lecturers collaborated closely to select topics that are globally relevant and appealing.

On 27 April, four hands-on training courses and one prosthodontics seminar will be offered at Osstem Implant's Central Research Institute in Seoul.

Dr. Rajiv Rajipal, a New Zealand-based specialist oral surgeon, will delve into 'GBR: Hard and Soft Tissue Management—Immediate Implants.'

Dr. Brijesh Patel from the United States will present the opportunity to explore the latest techniques and materials for the minimally invasive treatment for atrophic maxillary sinus. Notably, he will offer advice on how to use CBCT to help plan and predict treatment for sinus membrane lifting.

Dr. Nicolas Widmer from Switzerland will touch upon an intriguing topic, 'ONE CAS—ONE LOVE: Why every implantologist falls in love with the OneCAS Kit'. He will provide a guide on using the ‘OneCAS Kit’, a specialized maxillary sinus surgery kit for ‘OneGuide’, Osstem Implant’s latest digital implantation tool, precautions for its use, and troubleshooting techniques. He assures that when integrating the innovative technique from the OneCAS Kit into your office, patients will benefit from increased precision, enhanced predictability, and reduced invasiveness.

Dr Kyoo-Ok Choi, founder of Osstem Implant, delivering his welcoming address.

Dr. Łukasz Zadrożny, honorary professor at the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland, will elucidate a digital protocol applicable across various clinical scenarios, from single to full arch immediate loading for edentulous patients, under the theme of 'Full Digital Approach from Single to Full Arch Immediate Loading.' There will also be explanations of the immediate loading of the temporary abutment with a 3D-printed temporary crown. Last but not least, Dr. Se-Woong Kim from Korea will lead an educational seminar on implant prosthetic design for long-term stability around peri-implant tissue.

On 27 April, those who complete the hands-on courses will be provided with a complimentary lunch at Osstem Implant's headquarters. On the afternoon of the same day, they will head to COEX, a convention center in Samseong-dong, Seoul, to watch the 'Osstem World Night' show featuring K-POP stars.

On 28 April, four sessions and  six lectures are scheduled at COEX. Specific lecture topics on digital dentistry are as follows:

  • Full-guided implant placement for edentulous patients using digital technology
  • Achieving immediacy in every case
  • Changes in hard and soft tissue management patterns due to OneGuide surgery
  • Single-tooth implant treatment in the maxillary aesthetic region: tradition meets digital
  • Multiple implant placement using OneGuide
  • Immediate functional loading in all indications, from single missing tooth to total edentulous patients

Particularly noteworthy at the event is "Live Surgery," which will be presented in the third session on 28 April. Professor Yong-Dae Kwon from Kyung Hee University School of Dentistry, Korea, and Professor Jae-young Kim from Seoul National University College of Dentistry, Korea, will walk through the full process of implant placement and immediate restoration over 80 minutes.

Osstem Implant has acquired certification for Continuing Education (CE) for dentists. Those who complete the lectures at the ‘2024 Osstem World Meeting Seoul’ will be awarded CE points from the ‘Academy of General Dentistry (AGD)’ in North America and the ‘Continuous Professional Development (CPD)’ in Europe.

The on-site simultaneous interpretation services in English, Chinese, and Russian will be available for all sessions on April 28, with live-streaming in Korean, English, and Chinese on DenALL TV and YouTube.

Prior to the event on 27 and 28 April, attendees have the opportunity to arrive early on 25 April or extend their stay in Korea after the event. During this time, they can take part in guided tours of facilities and product display hall at the Osstem Implant’s Central Research Institute. Over 1,111 dentists from various countries, including China, Thailand, Japan, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the United States, have already signed up to this tour program. To express interests in attending or to learn more about the event, please contact your local Osstem Implant subsidiary without delay.

Editorial note:

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