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World-class Osstem Implant Dental Clinical Education System

Osstem Implant has 30 subsidiaries worldwide, Including China, Japan, the United States, Germany and a global network in more than 80 countries. (Image: Osstem Implant)

Tue. 12 September 2023


Osstem Implant, the world’s No. 1 implant sales company, invites 1,500 dentists from 22 countries, including China, Japan, Germany, and Australia, to its headquarters in Korea to provide clinical training this year.

Osstem established South Korea’s first implant training centre in 2001 and provided dentists in South Korea and other countries with free training on implant surgery procedures.

By the end of 2022, the Osstem training centre had conducted implant surgery training for more than 110,000 dentists across the globe, 85% of whom were foreign dentists. Osstem expects some 160,000 dentists to complete its clinical training programmes by 2026.

Osstem’s confidence in conducting invitational training comes from over 20 years of offering clinical training to dentists and having established an environment equipped with the industry’s best educational facilities and practice equipment.

A systematic curriculum that covers both theory and practice, and the best educational environment
Osstem has established Osstem training centres at its 32 overseas subsidiaries in 36 countries to operate more than 100 regular education sites and deliver online lectures on live surgery and other relevant areas.

Osstem’s Central Research Institute has a separate training facility. The institute provides specialised facilities for each training course, including a digital seminar room, implant seminar room, operating room set up for live broadcasting and technician seminar room. Dental professionals can also experience the latest devices in practical demonstrations, including SMS, the implant surgery engine, the OneMill 5x five-axis dry milling machine (Osstem), the Osstell Beacon implant stability quotient measuring instrument and the TRIOS 4 wireless intra -oral scanner (3Shape).

Osstem‘s clinical training programme takes both theory and practice seriously. In particular, the emphasis is on practical training so that what they learn can be put to use in practice. This year as well, we will offer to German dentists a lot of short-term hands-on courses based on Osstem Implant products to make difficult procedures, or those that have never been attempted previously, easy.

The most distinguishing feature of this course is that it allows dentists to experience the sinus procedure, which is avoided by many dentists unless they are oral surgeons, through hands-on practice so that any dentist can easily perform it. Osstem has made it easy for 10,000 dentists to perform sinus surgery through short-term hands-on courses for the past 10 years. Sinus surgery, which is always encountered while performing maxillary molar implants, is in many cases avoided as it is difficult for doctors who are not inclined. With the crestal approach sinus (CAS) kit or the lateral approach sinus (LAS) kit developed by Osstem Implant, the sinus membrane can be raised easily without being torn, and implants can be placed in the desired area after bone grafting.

Expanding the proportion of digital education-centered curriculum and Supporting the popularisation of implant surgery around the world
Osstem Implant selects lecture topics according to the needs of each country and organises courses, but considering that digital planning, which can effectively respond to any clinical condition and produce accurate results, they plan to increase the proportion of lectures that help in understanding digital dentistry.

Osstem Implant provides basic concepts and usage methods of 'OneGuide', Osstem's implant placement template, and applied technologies in various placement environments using 'OneCAS' and 'OneMS' kits and templates through excellent lecturers already recruited from each country. lectures, etc.

Osstem explained the basic concept of a digital workflow to dentists taking training and emphasised that an in-office all-in-one system can be built by utilising an intra-oral scanner, CBCT device, dental 3D printer, and milling equipment. Osstem commented, “It’s time now to get started in the fascinating field of digital dental medicine”, underlining the advent of the digital era. They added, “Digital planning that can effectively respond to any clinical condition and produce accurate results is now a key factor for a successful implant surgery.” The company’s T2 CBCT unit is also demonstrated to dentists to aid their understanding of digital dental equipment.

Osstem Implant plans to invite dentists from all over the world to its head office in Korea to continue clinical training, and to provide various practical training and seminars at each overseas corporation.

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